14 Ways Republican Have Tried to Make it Harder to Vote During a Pandemic

And they’ve succeeded in many cases

As Republicans wring their hands over Donald Trump’s not-entirely-terrible prospects for a second term, it’s getting hard to keep track of all the different schemes they’ve engaged in with the hopes of suppressing the vote in places Biden has a decent chance of performing well with voters. Fortunately, UC Irvine political science professor and CNN contributor Rick Hasen threw together a handy list of the most egregious, and sad, Republican shenanigans on the eve of the pandemic election.

1. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LeRose’s crusade to limit the number of drop boxes, which a federal judge smacked down.

2. Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to allow only one drop box per giant county (meaning one box apiece for the blue-leaning urban-suburban hubs of Austin and Houston), which the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court upheld.

3. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania and North Carolina begging the U.S. Supreme Court not to allow mail-in ballots received after Election Day to be counted, even if they were postmarked by November 3. SCOTUS ruled against the time limits in both PA and NC.

4. Alabama S.O.S John Merrill banning curbside voting that could have prevented the transmission of COVID-19. SCOTUS is cool with that.

5. South Carolina requiring witness signatures on mail-in ballots after voters were told the witnesses wouldn’t be necessary, which also got the Supreme seal of approval.

6. Wisconsin Republicans fighting an extension of the mail-in ballot receipt deadline, backed up by SCOTUS in a 5 to 3 ruling.

7. RNC and pals trying to stop states from sending ballots to all active registered voters in California, New Jersey, Nevada, and some counties in Montana.

8. The Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo-backed “Honest Elections Project” to stop counting ballots that arrive after Election Day in Minnesota.

9. Texas GOP’s attempt to have 127,000 mail-in ballots from the Houston area thrown out, a measure that the Texas Supreme Court itself threw out earlier today.

10. The Oklahoma legislature trying to reinstate the requirement that mail-in ballots be notarized after the state Supreme Court threw it out.

11. Georgia Secretary of State going to federal court to reverse a district court order that would have required paper backups of voter registrations at polls because the electronic system has failed several times before.

12. Texas, Indiana, and three other GOP-dominated states deciding that the threat of contracting Coronavirus does not qualify a person to vote by mail. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that “lack of immunity is not a ‘disability’ as defined by the Election Code.”

13. Florida Republicans have long been at war with drop-off boxes.

14. Conservatives have launched various lawsuits in an attempt to prevent states ever receiving $300 million in Zuckerberg Institute grants to defray the cost of running an election during the pandemic after the actual government dropped the ball.

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