Outsmarting Carmageddon


T-minus one day until the much-hyped phenomenon known as Carmageddon grips Los Angeles. Traffic experts anticipate severe gridlock on surface streets and bumper-to-bumper highway traffic as the weekend-long closure of the 405 freeway draws near.

But as the promise of motorists banging their heads on steering wheels looms, many folks have devised strategies for avoiding the nightmarish roadways altogether (or at least making a trip a little more bearable).

JetBlue announced $4 flights for Saturday from Long Beach to Burbank. Tickets for the 20-minute ride were scooped up quickly by eager travelers and sold out shortly after.

If news reports of the impending gridlock scared you into stockpiling your underground bunker for the weekend, you might want to rethink that strategy. Local businesses are reportedly offering special deals for those willing to make the trek.

Steal away from the congestion with a weekend vacation to Newport Beach, where restaurants and hotels are offering discounts.

Or, of course, avoid the cost and head toward a local getaway on foot.

You can also use the traffic meltdown as an opportunity to break from civilization. Take in the region’s many awe-inspiring hiking trails with the help of our trusty guide

For the unfortunate souls forced to brave Carmageddon head-on, deep yoga breaths while idling in traffic may save you a migraine or two. Breathe in, breathe out—and good luck.