Oracle Boss Larry Ellison’s Coachella Valley Trump Fundraiser Protested by Employees and Locals Alike

Trump encountered opposition—and some supporters—upon arriving in Rancho Mirage on Wednesday

From the Redwood City headquarters of tech giant Oracle to the streets of Rancho Mirage, protesters are expressing their displeasure with company founder Larry Ellison’s decision to host a mega-bucks fundraising dinner for Donald Trump at his Rancho Mirage estate on Wednesday.

As Trump’s motorcade made its way to the event—which is expected to pull up to $7 million for his 2020 campaign with tickets going from $100,000 to $250,000—he passed crowds chanting “lock him up!” and spilling into the roadway on Highway 111 as Riverside County cops in riot gear looked on, the Desert Sun reports.

Nearby, about 80 Trump fans organized by East Valley Republican Women Federated shouted “four more years!”

Around 200 protesters organized by Coachella Valley progressive group Courageous Resistance gathered at Highway 111 and Dunes View Road. Down the street, approximately 100 more anti-Trump sign-wavers gathered at the corners of Highway 111 and Rancho Las Palmas drive, with one poster reading, “Vote/dump the liar/traitor.” Another sign spotted at the corner of Dunes View said, “Trump is liar, cheater, racist, fraud, corrupt, danger, too many to list.”

Ellison’s employees weren’t any happier with his plot to help line Trump’s pockets. Workers at the Silicon Valley juggernaut organized a protest called “No Ethics/No Work,” which urged fellow Oracle-ites to “log off at noon local time to spend time volunteering or donating to programs and efforts that aim to resist administration policies that go against Oracle’s Code of Conduct and Ethics policies.”

They are also demanding that Ellison and his company donate an amount of money equal to whatever Wednesday’s event raises to humanitarian causes and to organizations that oppose Trump administration policies that they say contradict Oracle’s “values.”

The group said in a statement, “We are Oracle employees disappointed that Oracle Founder and CTO Larry Ellison’s support of and planned fundraiser for Donald Trump does not affirm Oracle’s core values of diversity, inclusiveness, and ethical business conduct.”

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