Operation Trail Marker: Let’s Play Lingo


In this edition of Operation Trail Marker, we explore the trail signage lexicon. In our effort to improve wayfinding on L.A.’s hiking paths, we have selected a starting mountain range. We’ll reveal details soon, but meanwhile, we’re learning some awesome lingo from our new trail-managing partners. Impress fellow footsloggers next time you’re strapping on the CamelBak:

Carsonite Markers
The parks-and-rec standard in markers and posts! Carsonite creates super-sturdy signs for trails, campsites, ski slopes, fairways, boundaries, parking lots and facilities management. Some stick into the ground, others are surface-mounted, and some you can ever drive over.

Trail Ratings
Communicates the difficulty of a particular path. If a trail is marked “easy,” that means it’s one or two miles, with little elevation gain. “Moderate” translates to two to four miles, with some change in elevation. “Challenging” is four miles or more, with varying terrain.

A.K.A. High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process. This is a standardized method of collecting information about trail conditions such as grade, cross slope, and width. By providing accurate information about trail conditions, HETAP helps ensure safety and enjoyment for trail users.