OnlyFans Model Fatally Stabs Boyfriend, Has Not Been Charged

Courtney Clenney’s lawyer says she stabbed her boyfriend of nearly two years in self defense during a domestic dispute

A 25-year-old social media influencer with two million followers on Instagram and OnlyFans fatally stabbed her boyfriend in their Miami high-rise apartment earlier this month, the Miami Herald reports.

Investigators say Courtney Clenney—known to her social media fans as Courtney Tailor—stabbed Christian “Toby” Obumseli, 27, once in the chest on April 3 during what police in Miami are saying was a domestic dispute. Clenney has not been charged in the incident as authorities try to determine whether she acted in self defense.

Obumseli’s family and supporters are demanding answers.

The stabbing took place at the luxury El Paraiso apartment building at 650 NE 32nd St., where the couple had lived. Clenney reportedly called 911 and Obumseli was rushed to the hospital, where he died of a single stab wound to the front of his chest.

“The preliminary investigation determined that both Mr. Obumseli and the female had been involved in a physical altercation,” Miami police said in a statement, according to the Herald.

A video posted on TMZ Friday shows a blood-stained and handcuffed Clenney talking to police officers during what appears to be the aftermath of the stabbing. Clenney was later hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. She has since been released.

Clenney’s defense attorney said that she was a victim of domestic violence and that she stabbed her boyfriend of nearly two years out of fear for her life.

“As Courtney struggles with the pain of being a survivor of domestic violence and the aftermath of the events that evening, we ask that the community and Christian’s family allow the police and the state to conduct their independent investigation of the events,” Frank Prieto told the Herald. “This is a tragedy for all involved but it was not criminal conduct; Courtney was defending herself and the investigation will reveal exactly that.”

Clenney claims that she stabbed Obumseli only after he attacked her, pushed her to the ground, and grabbed her neck, law-enforcement sources told the Herald.

Obumseli’s family held a news conference on Friday to demand that Clenney be arrested for killing the native Texan, who moved to Miami to work in cryptocurrency.

“Devastation doesn’t quite describe what the family is experiencing,” said Obumseli’s cousin, Karen Egvunna. “He was raised in a very strong family with strong morals and strong values. He does not come from that. The idea that this was warranted is unfeasible.”

“My brother was so caring. He was my inspiration and an inspiration to others,” Jeffrey Obumseli, told reporters. “There are many unanswered questions. We just want justice for my brother.”

Also on Friday, a woman posted a video of herself confronting Clenney at a Miami bar. As Clenney gets up to leave, the woman filming can be heard saying, “Yeah, you should go cause you just killed your boyfriend.”

Clenney’s attorney told TMZ, “It is unfortunate that a member of the public, knowing absolutely nothing about circumstances and events surrounding the death Mr. Obumseli, would take the opportunity to harass the Clenney family during a time that they are trying to be supportive for Courtney.”

Friends of the couple and witnesses told WPLG Channel 10 that Clenney and Obumseli appeared to have a rocky relationship.

“We’ve seen her hit him,” a woman who identified herself as Ashley Vaughn told the station. “I’ve never seen him hit her.”

Police also said that they responded to multiple disturbance calls at the couple’s apartment over the past three months, WPLG reports. When officers visited their home on April 1, they reported that they noticed bruises on Clenney’s and legs, law enforcement sources told the Miami Herald. No arrests were made at that time.

Obumseli’s brother Jeffrey also posted a call for Clenney’s arrest on Instagram, saying that she hasn’t shown “an ounce of remorse.”

“We’ve seen videos of Courtney kissing her dogs while covered in what we believe to be my brother’s blood and casually getting drinks at a hotel bar days later while my brother lays in the morgue,” Jeffrey alleged.

“The bottom line is inextricably clear: Courtney is being treated differently because of her privilege as a wealthy white woman. Within 24 hours following Toby’s death, the detective on the case prematurely concluded this was not a crime of violence.”

He created a Go Fund Me account to assist with funeral and legal costs. By late Monday afternoon, the campaign had raised $72,000 of its $100,000 goal.

“When the investigation is completed, the State Attorney Office will review the police department’s evidentiary presentation and take appropriate legal action in accordance with the law,” the office said in a statement.

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