On Second Thought, Louie CK Won’t be Doing Standup in Ukraine

Comedian Louie CK was still trying to get to his Kyiv gigs as the Russians closed in.

As thousands fled Kyiv this week ahead of advancing Russian forces, some who stayed behind might have been hoping for a few laughs in the midst of the catastrophe. Such optimism could have been based on reports that comedian Louie CK still intended to make his scheduled performances in the besieged Ukrainian capital. But despite CK’s best efforts, the funnyman couldn’t pull it off.

On Tuesday, Twitter user Patrick Verisimilitude alerted fans in a post-gone-viral that “The Louis C.K. Show in Kyiv has not been cancelled.” The accompanying graphic read, “Dear attendees, Louis C.K. performance will take place, as planned, on February 25 and 26, 2022. Tickets for Louis C.K. show purchased earlier remain valid for new dates and do not require an exchange.”

The New York Post picked up the story, as did (the most recent iteration of) Gawker. And there was no reason not to do so—some of the best comedy comes from the worst wars. Besides, despite the potential irony of Verisimilitude’s handle, he was dead serious.

As recently as Thursday some outlets were still reportedly selling tickets to CK’s Friday and Saturday shows at Kyiv’s National Palace of Arts.

However, also on Thursday, Verisimilitude wrote, “I tweeted this on Tuesday morning. Please use discretion before spreading false information also @newyorkpost I am not a fan.”


Minutes later, he added, “Talking to you @nypost stop spreading false information”

First of all: Relax, Patrick. You’re in the States safe and happy like the rest of us.

Second, it was CK himself who put the kibosh on rumors that he’d be spreading hilarity across the war zone. On Friday, the Post reported that folks on CK’s mailing list got an email stating, “My flight was canceled because no one can fly there now.” CK noted helpfully that he was “not in Ukraine.”

According to a Yahoo News source, the Better Things co-creator was in Amsterdam as of Friday, cooling his heels after shows in Tel Aviv.

CK represents himself, and a note next to the email button on his site states, “He probably won’t read it and he even more probably won’t answer. I mean, I won’t.” So we’re going to go ahead and assume he’s unavailable for comment.

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