Trump Bro and Failed Maxine Waters Opponent Arrested on Stalking Charges

Omar Navarro claims his ex-girlfriend violated Ronald Reagan’s ”11th commandment” by reporting him

Omar Navarro, the California businessman who lost by more than 50 percentage points in a pair of hopeless bids to unseat Rep. Maxine Waters, was busted Saturday for stalking his ex-girlfriend, the Daily Beast reports.

San Francisco police arrested Navarro after he was allegedly seen outside the home of DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, a “MAGA relationship expert” he dated earlier this year before she got a five-year restraining order against him. Navarro has been hit with three felony charges: stalking, criminal threats, and attempted extortion, plus a misdemeanor for allegedly violating that restraining order.

Tesoriero says that after she saw Navarro outside her home late at night she received a text from an unknown number, reading, “Bitch, I came to see you.”

“Clearly, he has a lot of screws loose,” Tesoriero—who’s running a doomed campaign of her own against Nancy Pelosi—says. “I think a lot of this power has gotten into his head. He has a lot of money now from campaign donations.”

Indeed, Navarro’s failed runs earned him $1 million in campaign contributions and notoriety in right-wing circles, which he used to support contempt-of-court convict and former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, as well as die hard Trump felons Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.

Tesoriero says she’s not the only one Navarro endangers. After she rejected his offer of money to marry her, she claims, Navarro threatened to share her relatives’ addresses with antifa activists, and to visit his wrath upon her pets.

“He would have stolen my cats,” she says.

Navarro’s temper has reportedly made it tough for even the staunchest Trumpers to have his back. Self-described “Western chauvinist” group the Proud Boys distanced itself from Navarro after he got into a fight with Tesoriero at a D.C. watering hole before one of their events.

In the face of the latest toxicity, even more conservatives are abandoning Navarro as he prepares for yet another run against Waters in 2020. On Sunday, right-wing blog the Gateway Pundit suggested to its readers that, “The last thing we need is behavior like this from our candidates.”

In a familiar move from MAGA males, Navarro says that he’s the victim in all this. While he admits he was near Tesoriero’s place on Saturday, he says the charges against him are false, insisting, “Men in this country get treated unjustly, too, you have to acknowledge that. Just because a woman says something doesn’t mean it’s true.”

He further accuses Tesoriero of committing the cardinal sin of GOP politics.

“Obviously she’s not honoring the 11th Commandment from Ronald Reagan,” he says. Reagan’s “11th Commandment” states that no Republican shall criticize a fellow GOP member in public.

This isn’t the first time Navarro’s notion of romance has brought him into the steely embrace of the law. In 2017, he was hit with probation for putting a tracking device on his then-wife’s car.

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