Oh Happy Day! Friday is the First Official Day of Happiness in Los Angeles

It’s your civic duty to be cheery on March 20

Inspired in part by the United Nations’ recent focus on happiness (and wethinks maybe sorta Pharell Williams, too) the mayor’s office has declared March 20 The Official Day of Happiness in Los Angeles. [EMOTICONS HERE]

To celebrate, Happy City LA, a community organization that’s devoted to promoting joy and well-being for all Angelenos, is throwing a party. From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the public is invited to Art Share L.A., where guests will enjoy a free performance by poet Jacqueline Suskin and other treats, like exhibitions from street artist Michael B. and school garden maven (and #flowersonyourhead photographer) Mud Baron. In addition, Happy City LA has launched a new initiative to find out what makes Angelenos feel their best. They are asking everyone to record six-second Vine videos about what happiness in L.A. means, and will be using the submissions to set the organization’s agenda for the coming year. (In 2014 they completed a comprehensive study to find out just how happy we really are. Among their more interesting findings: Only slightly more than one-third of respondents enjoy the highest quality of life, and work/life balance is the top factor locals consider when judging their own levels of satisfaction. Turns out that’s not true in other cities.)

If that statistic gets you down, this quote, from the proclamation signed by mayor Eric Garcetti, might cheer you up: “The Day of Happiness offers us an opportunity to engage in the task of improving our environment, access to education, community vitality, work, time balance, governance, and health.” In other words, giving back is a gift. Enjoy!