Obscura Day Is an Excuse to Tour the Weirdest, Most Fascinating Corners of L.A.

This Saturday, get lost in an abandoned zoo, hike to crumbling ruins, and see a bunch of other random stuff you never knew was here

Atlas Obscura—the online guide to curious places—is hosting its fifth annual Obscura Day. It’s a celebration of exploration, with guides leading expeditions to quirky sites around the world. Oh, and it’s tomorrow. This is your chance to band together with other esoterically inclined adventurers to visit the weird hidden corners of Los Angeles.

You can see one of the world’s largest meteorite collections, go backstage at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater (which is either super awesome or super creepy, depending on whether or not you’re Chris Nichols), admire a few giant busts of Lenin, or get friggin’ pumped about bollards (you know, those concrete posts that all the kids are into these days). And that’s just the beginning.

As of 3:35 p.m. on Friday, a handful of spots are still open for most local excursions, which range in price from $20-$40. The festivities culminate in an afterparty at the Valley Relics Museum with tunes, magic, and the Rhinestone Cowboy’s Nudiemobile—all under the mildly unsettling fiberglass gaze of Big Boy.

Yeah, it’s Friday evening, and you’re thinking, “Geez, I wish I’d known about this earlier, but I told my friend Brad I’d help him move that dumb pool table out of his living room tomorrow.” Well, forget Brad and his pool table. Live a little. Your destiny as explorer is calling, and it’s calling you to drive 450 miles into the Nevada desert for the Obscura Day tour of the Republic of Molossia. Let me tell you, every time I’ve driven hundreds of miles into the middle of nowhere to tour a country that wasn’t real, it was 100% worth it.*

Happy Obscura Day.

*take that with a grain of salt.