Nuisance Conservative Christian Walker Regrets Ditching ‘Woke’ L.A.

The right-wing internet person and son of NFL U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker sobbed that he regrets leaving L.A. for Fla

The last time we noticed Christian Walker—the arch-conservative semi-influencer son of NFL great and GOP cutout for a Georgia U.S. Senate seat, Herschel Walker—was in July, when he announced that he was fleeing Los Angeles, concerned that its “woke” culture was impinging upon his personal liberties, and heading to the freedom-loving kingdom of “Don’t Say Gay” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“I’M ESCAPING CALIFORNIA AND MOVING TO FLORIDA!!!” Walker, who turns 23 on Friday, screeched in a tweet. “California has been ruined by the left. They punish hard work and reward bad behavior. I’m off to somewhere that supports my values and protects it’s residents. SEE YOU IN MIAMI, DESANTIS-LAND, FLORIDA”

While it remains to be seen what hard work Walker was referring to at the time, he revealed this week that he wishes he could take it all back (or something like that).

In a tear-filled video Walker posted to his Instagram stories just days before Hurricane Ian struck, he shares that his mom asked him to come home to L.A. ahead of the storm.

“I’m ashamed to say it but I totally miss L.A.,” he admits. “Um, it’s amazing in Florida…” Here, Walker’s voice trembles and his eyes tear up as he puts his palm in front of the camera and continues, “Maybe this is just a transition period. Everyone is so nice. But, like, the past two weeks I’ve been like, ‘Did I just rush out?’ Like, I just packed my stuff so quick and left!”

In the Instagram mea culpa, the sometime-podcast host also recalled his thinking when he decided to abandon Los Angeles, stating, “I thought, like, ‘Ef this place. I’m never gonna want to come back! I hate it here!'”

Growing more emotional still, Walker finally cops to his misadventure.

“But if I could snap my fingers, oh gosh would I go back. So, I just hope like I get through this little period, but it’s been so hard the past week.

There has been no mention by Walker of his homesickness on his Twitter account, where he shared a pic of himself and DeSantis last month. He also hasn’t mentioned where he currently resides while tweeting about the brutal storm.

LAMag will update this story if and when Walker’s whereabouts are known.

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