7 Things to Do With Your Mom in L.A. For Mother’s Day That Aren’t Brunch

Your. mom. is. sick. of. it.

Everyone loves eggs Benedict and pulpy, freshly squeezed orange juice, but she’s over it. As your mom would say: Been there, done that.


You still need to be her totally put-together kid, with thoughtful, adulty plans. So here are 7 totally UNBRUNCH ideas for mom this weekend.

1.  Take her to the theatahh: In & Of Itself is playing at the Geffen and while she will be comfortable in a theater environment, she will additionally be like WHAT IS HAPPENING because this show is not like anything she (or you, or I) have seen before.

2.  Plan a gorgeous walk in Huntington Gardens where she can take tons of blurry photos with her iPhone 4 and text like 18 of them in a row to you later to remember your “fun day!”

3.  Because eating is never a bad idea, take her for some of the best pizza in the city at Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock—the two of you can argue over whether they put MELTED BUTTER ON THE CRUST. (Can you actually tell me who wins that fight because it keeps me up at night)

4.  If you want to be kind of obvious, but also have a 50/50 shot of your mom buying you a cute kitten heel from J. Crew, a classic day at The Grove would be lovely (you could even take her to see the MOVIE Mother’s Day to be reeeeeeally on the nose) and top it off with a wander through the heavenly French market, Monsieur Marcel, and gasp at the 749 different flavors of salt they offer (btw, Maldon Salt is the only right choice). Oh, and pick up the little, crinkly cellophane bag of salted caramel at the register. The one with the green bow. But only if you’re interested in tasting the single most delicious candy on earth.

5.  If you actually like “talking” with your mom, wandering around the farmers market in Larchmont Village would make for a charming afternoon. There’s a beautiful cheese shop and boutiques with $600 semi-shapeless frocks that are still fun to look at. It could also be sweet for you to treat your mom to a little massage at Healing Hands Wellness Center because the prices are excellent.

6.  Another idea if you enjoy your mom’s company: A jaunt around Brentwood Country Mart. A few highlights include a truly memorable burger from Barney’s Burgers, one of the most gorgeous and (semi?) affordable jewelry shop called Broken English, and the ever present possibility of seeing Jennifer Garner and her exquisite lips/hair/hands/face/everything because according to the internet she’s there a lot. But don’t let your mom talk to her, just admire her from afar because she deserves to be able to drink a GD green juice in peace.

7.  And lastly, if silence between you and your mother proves to be your healthiest dynamic, there’s a stunning planetarium show at the Griffith Observatory that will make you feel sort of like you’re a kid again. So let yourself feel it. And hold her hand.