UPDATE: Police Have Captured a Suspect in Nipsey Hussle’s Shooting

The LAPD asks for the public’s help as a vigil ends in chaos and injuries

UPDATE: Suspect Eric Holder was arrested in Bellflower on Tuesday afternoon and is now in LAPD custody.

More than a dozen people were injured last night when a vigil outside slain rapper Nipsey Hussle’s Slauson Avenue clothing store ended in chaos. Video from the scene shows a stampede of mourners rushing away from the store and toward the street, though it isn’t clear what caused the panic. Initial reports that shots were fired haven’t been substantiated, but the Los Angeles Fire Department reports that 19 patients were transported to the hospital, many with “trample injuries,” one with a penetrating traumatic injury, and one who was apparently hit by a car.


The evening ended with the LAPD pleading for people to disperse from the area—”We understand the community is mourning and we feel your loss,” they said on Twitter—and later asking for the community’s help in locating who they’ve identified as a suspect in the March 31 shooting.

According to a press release, the person believed to have committed the shooting is 29-year-old Eric Holder, who was last seen fleeing the scene of Hussle’s shooting in a white Chevy Cruze (California license plate number 7RJD742) with an unidentified female behind the wheel.

According to the coroner’s report released yesterday, Hussle—born Ermias Asghedom—died from gunshot wounds to the head and torso. Based on surveillance video from the scene, the shooting took place at extremely close range.

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