Yet Another Poll Indicates California Voters Aren’t Likely to Oust Newsom

As COVID conditions improve, it doesn’t look like the Republican effort to recall the governor is likely to succeed

As the pandemic loosens its grip on the Golden State, the chances of the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom succeeding look slim. As Politico reports, a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows that only 40 percent of voters would cast a ballot to get rid of the current Governor, while 64 percent of them now approve of the job he’s done managing the crisis.

The poll—which surveyed 1,705 Californians between May 9 and 18—found that 90 percent of likely voters think the darkest days of COVID are behind us and that a healthy 57 percent would vote no on the recall. Yes voters are at 40 percent, with 3 percent undecided.

The pollsters didn’t ask who the respondents would vote for to replace Newsom if the recall does get that far.

Feelings are sharply divided along party lines, as just 11 percent of Democrats say they want Newsom gone, while 78 percent of Republicans and 47 percent of independents would vote for the recall.

A large part of Newsom’s boost can be explained by his ideas on how to spend part of the state’s $75.7 billion budget surplus. Across party lines, two thirds of voters like his plan to issue another round of $600 stimulus checks for people making less than $75,000, plus another $500 for those with kids. And a 77 percent are with Newsom on assisting people to get out from under overdue rent and utility bills.

As far as COVID goes, only 19 percent of those polled say they’re still worried about getting hospitalized, a steep drop from 56 percent this time last year. Voters are also feeling less gloomy about their financial prospects, with 56 percent rating their current status as good or excellent, and 51 percent predicting the U.S. economy will improve in the next year.

“Right now, people are feeling good about the economic prospects in the next 12 months—and overwhelmingly, they’re feeling good that the worst is behind us,” PPIC CEO Mark Baldassare tells Politico, adding that “right now, the majority of California likely voters are not in the mood to alter the status quo.”

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