A New York Artist Mapped the Best Places to Read a Book in L.A.

Jason Polan’s casual drawing plots out POI for literature nerds

Earlier this year, illustrator/Warby Parker collaborator/Taco Bell devotee Jason Polan took a break from drawing every person in New York to sketch a literary map of Los Angeles (primarily the Hollywood area). The guide plots sites of literary significance as well as places worth kicking back and cracking open The Big Sleep. Aldous Huxley’s old house gets a shoutout, as does the post office where Charles Bukowski worked. So do the Cinefamily, Arcana: Books on the Arts, Immaculate Heart, and, of course, all the locations of Warby Parker stores because #sponsored.

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Polan, a New Yorker (he’s made a similar map of Manhattan), spent about a week trekking around out here, visiting locales he had noted on other trips as well as places he knew were worth checking out. “While meandering around,” he wrote in an email, “people kept telling me about other interesting places, so I tried to get to all of those too.”

The front side of the map pinpoints destinations, and the back is densely packed with quick sketches of the minutiae Polan encountered on his trek—a display at the Museum of Jurassic Technology say, or a mastodon sculpture at the La Brea Tar Pits. He also draws specific chairs worth stopping to sit on and read—among them a stool in Book Soup, a chair in the basement of UCLA’s Powell Library (where Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451), and a chair out back of a bank at the former location of the Garden of Allah hotel.

You can pick up “The Best Spots to Drive to and Read a Book in Los Angeles Map” for free at Warby Parker stores in L.A.