New Video Takes L.A. By Skateboard


It’s not everyday that a skate film catches our attention (to be honest, it’s not every month, either), but Quik by Collin Kennedy and produced by The Berrics in partnership with Quiksilver, picked us up as soon as we clicked play. The film, captured entirely from within a moving car, follows La Habra-born skateboarder Austyn Gillette as he carves and grinds his way through East L.A. and downtown. In five minutes and 40 seconds flat it captures a mix of the commonplace and the iconic that’s distinctly L.A.—graffiti-filled thoroughfares, a tire center, a community garden, stairs that disappear over an unassuming hill, corner fruit stands, the Southern California Edison Co. Building, City Hall, fissured sidewalks reaching menacingly towards the sky, outdoor runners, and more. Set to “Chambray” by We Barbarians, a band originally from Long Beach, California, Quik is as much just a cool ride as it is a mini valentine to the city. The short film ends with a classic L.A. sunset. That’s been done before, sure, but hey, it works. Besides, we’re happy for the chance to say it once again: Haters be gone