‘My Son Hunter’ is a Mess Even for Red Meat Propaganda

The Biden-smashing movie is reportedly too ham-fisted even for a shoddy ultra right-wing dream project starring no one

The Breitbart-distributed movie My Son Hunter, about the president’s wayward, laptop-losing, Venice-dwelling son, is getting the kind of press a Kirk Cameron joint can only dream of.

Positive attention for the flick is coming solely from alt-right stalwarts like the Daily Wire  and Tucker Carlson, while mainstream publications are mostly pointing and laughing. But then, this is a movie aimed squarely at those who believe that, as director Robert Davi has said, the majority of the media “is a third arm of a Marxist-communist revolution in America.” His film premiered late last month at a star-studded Los Angeles event, if you consider Dean Cain and Justified actor Nick Searcy stars, and provided popcorn in bags labeled “Corn Pop.” Get it?

Davi is mostly known for his work as a character actor; his signature role is the opera-singing thug Jake Fratelli in The Goonies. He’s also a regular at CPAC, where in February 2017 he opened by telling the crowd, “I said to the Oscar parties I ain’t showing up—I’ve got something else I have to do.” Sure.

My Son Hunter stars Brit actor and anti-BLM, anti-vaccine activist Laurence Fox as Hunter, and features Gina Carano as a fourth wall-breaking secret service agent. The fired Mandalorian actor and MMA fighter is the biggest name here from the meager ranks of alt-right actors, as Gawker lamented:

“Alas, the right did not bring its A team to this project. Where is James Woods? Where is Jon Voight? Either would have made a better Joe Biden than John James, the former Dynasty star who pondered a run for Congress as a Republican in 2014 and used to command mobs of female fans when he turned up at provincial malls in the 1980s.”

The film takes place, as Slate’s Dana Stevens writes, “over one debauched night in 2019 in the hookers-and-blow-filled Chateau Marmont suite of the prodigal younger son.” Hunter intersects with “a stripper named Kitty (Serbian-British newcomer Emma Gojkovic) who starts out as a progressive activist at a Black Lives Matter demonstration and, after a long night spent listening to Hunter’s stories at the Chateau Marmont, emerges as a whistleblowing crusader against the evil Biden empire.”

Davi appears to have squandered a wealth of juicy material available in the junior Biden’s memoir, as a Yahoo reviewer points out. “How hard is it to fuck up a movie about drugs, sex, and allegations of international racketeering — especially when you have a heavy docket of salacious ‘source material’ to work with, including (but absolutely not limited to) Hunter Biden having strippers eat M&M’s off his dick?” Instead, “the film immediately loses itself in attempting to explain every angle, character, and headline of the laptop saga, resulting in a largely plotless 90-minute explainer poorly disguised as a narrative feature. It can’t decide if it wants to be funny or tragic, sympathetic or sarcastic, and it really doesn’t need to. The film serves primarily as a vehicle to trigger the libs and throw enough easter eggs at conservative viewers that they recognize that this film was made just for them.”

Still, said the Daily Beast, it’s “probably the best conservative movie to emerge from the right-wing media in recent memory.” But “that doesn’t mean My Son Hunter is any good.” Predictably, My Son Hunter leans in to being as cruel as possible, particularly in its mockery of the President’s speech: “The film’s version of Joe Biden is prone to malapropisms of the most unfortunate sort, as when he’s interrogating his son about the contents of his laptop. ‘I need to know everything on that laptop that can ruin my erection,’ the movie’s version of Joe Biden says, complete with a ‘boing’ sound effect.”

Amusingly, Stevens writes [Spoiler Alert!], “My Son Hunter ends with a frankly counterfactual dream sequence, an alternate history in which Rudy Giuliani’s reveal of the lost laptop results in an exposé of the Bidens’ international influence-peddling schemes and a successful 2020 re-election campaign for Trump.”

As it happens, Guiliani apparently tried to make a similar movie back in 2020. As Mother Jones reported then: “Giuliani had been trying to drum up a cool $10 million for a film that could act as a campaign ‘kill shot’ on Biden, according to one source. But it’s a tough biz. Nothing ultimately came of the project, aside from some bad footage. But it did attract the interest of investigators at the FBI, who wanted to know if the former New York City mayor had violated foreign lobbying rules. The creatives eventually fled the project after squabbling over money and vision. ‘The thing I took away from it was, “Jesus, these guys are morons,”‘ one of them explained.”

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