Mutiny in the District Attorney’s Office

By vote of nearly 98 percent, Gascón’s own deputies want him gone

The embattled district attorney of Los Angeles, George Gascón, suffered an embarrassing vote of no confidence yesterday when a shocking 98% of prosecutors in his office backed a burgeoning effort to recall their boss.

Few would mistake leaders of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, which reps about 800 of Gascón’s own prosecutors, for Gascón loyalists. The union has already sued to block Gascón policies meant to empty the county’s overcrowded jails and prisons. Individual union members have taken the extraordinary step of bashing Gascón as “pro-criminal” and “anti-victim” on national TV. Still, the near-unanimous rejection of their boss caught even leaders of the internal resistance by surprise.

“Complete shock” was how the ADDA’s vice president, Eric Siddal, described his reaction to the results. Although Siddal said he expected a clear anti-Gascón majority to emerge from the poll, he called the 97.9% of Gascón’s staff who wanted him gone “ridiculously high.”

88% of county prosecutors voted in the election, held online over several days last week by the firm Simply Voting. The prosecutors’ union is the second major law-enforcement union to back the recall this month. In early February, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, representing 8,000 L.A. county-sworn sheriff’s deputies, officially entered the fray. The L.A. Police Protection League, which represents roughly 10,000 sworn officers from LAPD, appears to be testing the waters for a likely endorsement.

Asked if Gascón was surprised so many of his own deputies opposed him, a spokeswoman for the D.A. declined to comment. In a previous interview with Los Angeles in July, Gascón painted the media attention lavished on his outspoken in-house critics as an instance of the squeaky wheel getting the oil. “You hear the outspoken group, but when you look behind the curtain you see the noise is not representative of the masses,” the 67-year-old said during an exclusive interview with the magazine in July.

“What we’re seeing is substantial compliance with the policies, and substantial support for the policies,” he added. “I often get emails from members of the staff: ‘I’m so glad that you’re doing this. I’m so glad that you’re doing that,’” Gascón told us in July. “But those are not the people you’re gonna see in front of Fox news, right? That’s not the KFI crowd.”

Today’s headlines on Fox News (and KFI AM 640) are about the 98% of Los Angeles prosecutors who voted in support of the effort to oust the D.A.

A new recall attempt—funded by deep-pocketed Hollywood players and Democratic donors, in addition to right-of-center law enforcement boosters and MAGA activists—is rapidly gaining steam.

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