A Sopping-Wet Man’s Stunt at a Flooded L.A.-Area Motel Goes Viral

As the Instagrammer who captured the video puts it: ”Ppl out here tripping during the quarantine”

While the cause of a strange flood at a Studio 6 motel in Commerce is still unknown, video of a man dropping onto a car—not quite T.J. Hooker-style—from a second-floor walkway as water cascades out of an open room has taken a stricken city by storm.


The video, posted by Instagram user Prophet Amen Ra on Tuesday, has been viewed more than of 150,000 times, which doesn’t take into account the views via the many, many meme accounts that have picked it up. At its climax the video features the drenched jumper bouncing ass first off the hood of a Nissan SUV parked in the motel lot and almost smashing his head on the asphalt in an apparent attempt to quickly leave the premises.

Despite immediately walking away from the fall like Buster Keaton after a physical gag, he’s soon seen crouching on a nearby curb, while Prophet Amen Ra narrates, “And this boy’s fucked!”

Prophet Amen Ra tells TMZ that fire alarms and sprinklers were activated, but motel workers couldn’t get into the room because it was locked. He says that when a motel employee smashed a window and opened the room’s door, the deluge began.

TMZ says sources claim the “fall guy” had turned on all the faucets in the room and had destroyed pipes in the ceiling, causing damage of more than $10,000. TMZ also reports that sources said neither the hotel owner nor the owner of the Nissan intend to pursue charges.

“So many questions in this one clip,” Amen Ra writes in the video’s caption. “[N]ot trying to be bogus about it. I wasn’t gonna post this at first but I figured y’all wouldn’t believe me unless you saw it for yourself lol. Ppl out here tripping during the quarantine.”

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