Morning Brief: The Crime Spike Plaguing California Is a National Trend

Also, accused QAnon killer dad begs for forgiveness, and more

» The spike in violent crime that’s plagued California is part of a national trend, FBI stats indicate. In 2020, there were 21,500 homicides in the U.S., an increase of about 30 percent, which is the highest jump from year to year since the FBI began keeping data six decades ago. [ABC 7]

» Southern California Gas Co. and its parent company announced agreements Monday to pay up to $1.8 billion to settle years of legal action regarding the 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Leak. For 112 days, about 100,000 tons of methane, ethane, and other chemicals poured into the air, forcing more than 8,000 families to flee their homes. [Los Angeles Times]

»  Matthew Coleman, the Santa Barbara surf instructor accused of killing his two young children because QAnon conspiracy theories led him to believe they carried “serpent DNA,” has reportedly begged for forgiveness. “He has spoken to his family on the phone,” a longtime family friend told People. “It’s sinking in what happened, and he’s devastated. He has begged his family for forgiveness.” [People]

» L.A.-based comedian Sarah Sherman (aka Sarah Squirm) will join the cast of Saturday Night Live as a featured player. Sherman will be joined by comedians Aristotle Athari and James Austin Johnson as longtime cast member Beck Bennett departs. [Variety]

» In the market for some seriously scary horror movie memorabilia? A bunch of artifacts are going up for auction, including Freddy Krueger’s glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and a Michael Myers mask from Halloween Resurrection. [TMZ]


» Los Angeles County Will Dismiss 58,000 More Pot Convictions “Dismissing these convictions means the possibility of a better future to thousands of disenfranchised people,” said District Attorney George Gascón

» Jeanie Buss Loves Jay Mohr, and She Wants Everyone to Know It The Lakers owner celebrated her 60th by gushing about her actor-comedian boyfriend in a weekend Tweet

» Why Everything We Know About Wildfires May Be Wrong Governor Gavin Newsom recently launched a $2.6 billion plan to tame California’s wildfire epidemic, but experts warn that aspects of the policy are out of step with the shifting science of fire management and climate change


Can Live Music’s Return Withstand the Delta Variant?

After a long season of despair in what had been a $28 billion worldwide live music industry, the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines finally allowed artists and venues to rush back into action: Major tours were announced, tickets were selling out, clubs across Los Angeles were full again. “People were absolutely raging,” says John Giovanazzi, longtime independent promoter of industrial, goth and post-punk events in L.A. “It was like when World War II ended and everybody was just partying in the streets.”

But that euphoria didn’t last long.


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