Morning Brief: L.A. City Council Set to Vote on Vax Mandate for Many Indoor Spaces

Also, Fresno’s hot housing market, and more

» L.A. City Council will vote today on whether to require people to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and personal care establishments beginning November 4. The ordinance includes exemptions for medical conditions and “sincerely held religious belief.”  [Los Angeles Daily News]

» Actress Lori Loughlin has landed her first post-College Admissions Scandal role. The disgraced mom, who served almost two months in prison for paying her daughters’ way into USC, will have a guest starring role on Season 2 of When Hope Calls at GAC Family.  [Variety]

»  A woman who lists her profession as “shaman” has been accused of igniting a destructive California wildfire by attempting to boil bear urine to drink. Alexandra Souverneva pleaded not guilty to arson. [The Hill]

» As housing costs in California continue to skyrocket, Fresno has become a particularly hot market. The monthly rent for an average apartment in Fresno has gone up nearly 60 percent since 2017 to $1,469, and the median home value is now $331,000. [Los Angeles Times]

» If you thought you were rid of the Kardashians when they kiboshed their long-running E! reality series, you were dead wrong. The celebrity clan is once again being paid to spend time together, this time by Hulu. [BuzzFeed News]


» Seven Local Restaurants Just Earned Their First Michelin Stars A rundown of where to head if you want to see (Michelin) stars

» Britney Spears and Her Dad Trade New Legal Blows On Eve of a Major Court Date In the run-up to September 29, the pop star’s legal team has accused dad Jamie Spears of ’horrifying and unconscionable invasions of his adult daughter’s privacy’

» David Chase Explains Why James Gandolfini’s Death Didn’t Destroy Him On a new episode of The Originals podcast, the Sopranos creator talks casting James Gandolfini’s son in the prequel, Les Moonves’s downfall, and how he feels about his critics


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Courtesy NBC

‘La Brea’ Serves Up Entertaining Disaster Porn—Especially for Locals

Angelenos famously live in panicky fear of the Big One, a when not if doomsday that promises to wreak massive chaos and destruction—and that’s in a city already contending with wildfires, droughts, TikTok mansions, and brutal traffic. But, hey, at least we know the earth won’t split open to reveal a bright, glowing gash in the fabric of the sky that cannonballs us to a prehistoric, supernatural world. Or, uh, will it?


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