Morning Brief: L.A. County’s First Vaccine Shipment Expected Next Week

Also Barbara Ferrer’s tearful moment, and more

» L.A. County should receive its first COVID-19 vaccine shipment next week. While the initial shipment is only enough to inoculate 42,000 individuals, county officials think they may have enough doses to complete the first wave of vaccinations, known as Phase 1A, by the end of January. [ABC Los Angeles]

» Public Health director Barbara Ferrer broke down in tears during a briefing, while announcing the devastating number of deaths linked to the pandemic. She described the deceased as “over 8,000 people who are beloved members of their families are not coming back, and their deaths are an incalculable loss to their friends and family as well as to our community.” [KTLA]

» Forty-eight attorneys general and the FTC have filed suit against Facebook, alleging anti-competitive practices. The legal complaints center on the social media giant’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. [NPR]

» California will allow public playgrounds to open even in areas under the regional emergency health restrictions. They remain closed in Los Angeles County by a local order.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Uber has shed its “moonshot” program to launch air taxi service. The company sold off that ambitious bit of its business to Santa Cruz-based Joby Aviation.  [Tech Crunch]


» Elon Musk Says He Lives in Texas Now Because of California’s ‘Complacence’ “California has been winning for too long,” the billionaire businessman said

» Why Did an Alleged Chinese Spy Try to Infiltrate California Politics?Counterintelligence officials allege Christine Fang was working undercover to build connections with local politicians

» This Hanukkah History Drive-Through Is a Trip Back to 160 BCE…by Car A local rabbi turned a lesson about the Maccabean revolt into a COVID-safe interactive show


The Pandemic Isn’t Stopping Santa

As COVID-19 infection rates soar across the country, many Santa performers are hunkering down, building Zoom rooms, and making up for lost mall revenue with individual sessions with kids online.


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