Morning Brief: Why Is Vaccine Demand Declining in L.A. County?

Also, anti-vaxxers are forging vaccination cards, and more

» The number of people getting their first vaccine doses in L.A. County has steeply declined over the past week. Public health director Barbara Ferrer called the downward trend “very worrisome.” [ABC 7]

» More rural and Trump-supporting counties of California delivered higher rates of signatures supporting the recall effort. Counties where recall support appears strongest were often those where COVID-19 rates were lower than in dense population centers.  [Los Angeles Times]

» A moratorium on police shooting certain types of projectiles at political protestors has been revised to allow more use of the weapons, just days after a judge issued a restraining order. Under a revision to the court order prohibiting the use, police may now fire the hard-foam projectiles if they aim at the ground in front of protesters, rather than at their bodies, and do so after the declaration of an unlawful assembly. [KTLA]

» Overall in California, COVID-19 rates are dropping–but a large outbreak has sprung up in Humboldt County, resulting in 260 cases and 19 hospitalizations so far. The outbreak has been traced to a single Pentecostal church. [Los Angeles Times]

» Some 70,000 long-haul truck drivers in California may now be eligible for overtime, sick pay, and other employment protections. A federal appeals court has ruled that AB5 does apply to the driver and does not conflict with any federal labor law.  [KTLA]

» The CDC is warning states not to post images of COVID-19 cards online due to a proliferation of fake vaccination cards among people who want to participate in public life without the shot. Templates and tips for creating fake cards have spread on websites described as “conspiracy, pro-Trump, and anti-vaccination forums.”  [NBC News]


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» This Local Company Will Pay You to Test Cannabis Products Tustin-based CBD Oracle as a $30,000 part-time gig for one cannabis enthusiast ready to go pro

» Suspects Have Been Arrested in the Shooting and Robbery of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker One of the five suspects in custody is believed to be the same woman who turned the dogs into authorities


lance bass west hollywood
Lance Bass in West Hollywood in 2019 (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Lance Bass Says His New WeHo Nightclub Will ‘Truly Represent the Community’

While few details about Bass’s new nightclub concept have been released so far, he tells Los Angeles that he is committed to inclusion. For years, critics have raised concerns that the Santa Monica Boulevard scene caters foremost to affluent, white, gay men, and can feel unwelcoming to people of color and other members of the LGBTQ+ community–something Bass says he wants no part of.

“I think it’s very important when you open up a bar or nightclub for the community that you truly represent the entire community,” Bass says. “We plan on bringing in a diverse team that will offer something for everyone in the heart of WeHo!”


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