Morning Brief: Sheriff Villanueva Calls Report on Deputy ‘Subgroups’ a ‘Problem of Perception’

Also, LAPD to ramp up patrols on Melrose Avenue, and more

» L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva blew off the findings of a recent survey that indicated many LAUSD officers are invited into “subgroups,” which some have argued constitute “gangs.” “They are a glorified bunch of people who go to the river and party on the weekend and that’s about it,” Villanueva said. “That’s all they are.” [LAist]

» After a string of shocking robberies, the LAPD is increasing its presence on Melrose Avenue, ramping up foot patrols and dispatching officers on horseback. According to department stats, robberies involving a gun have jumped close to 75 percent in the Wilshire and Hollywood divisions in the last year. [ABC 7]

» On Wednesday, Michelin—purveyor of tires and restaurant stars—announced the winners of its bib gourmand, restaurants where you can get “two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for around $40 or less.” L.A. restaurants on the list include Bee Taqueria, Colapasta, and Luscious Dumplings. [Eater L.A.]

» Testimony from a Los Angeles Fire Department chief indicates that women on the force are systematically hazed by their male colleagues. “There are women that are to this day cleaning feces off their bathroom floors or their toilets, left by men, and it’s unacceptable,” battalion chief Kris Larson told the Board of Fire Commissioners.  [Los Angeles Times]

» According to The Hollywood Reporter, several Hollywood studios are in business with a Japanese merchandise company that co-owns 4Chan, a message board where alt-right ideology runs rampant. The brand also allegedly produces “lolicon” figurines in sexually provocative positions. [The Hollywood Reporter]


» Councilman Kevin De León Joins the Mayor’s Race: ‘We Can’t Go Back to the Old Normal’ The former President of the State Senate talks about what inspired him to run

» Netflix Just Dropped the Trailer for Its New Britney Spears Documentary Britney vs Spears’ takes a hard look at the pop star’s conservatorship

» The Water Situation Is Bad, and Californians Are Barely Cutting Their Consumption Amid a historic drought and an appeal to use 15 percent less water, SoCal only cut its consumption by .1 percent year over year in July


amoeba music
Amoeba Music via Getty Images

Some of the Best Places to Pick Up Used Records in L.A.

You Don’t Have to be a Nick Hornby-style audiophile to collect vinyl—these days a lot of folks are rediscovering the joys of record albums (mostly as wall decoration, but still). The Record Parlour (6408 Selma Ave.) looks a bit like the store in Hornby’s High Fidelity, complete with racks of old wood packing crates stuffed with albums (punk, jazz, and folk are big sellers) as well as historic concert posters lining the walls. All it’s missing is Jack Black crooning Marvin Gaye.

That’s just one of the cool places to dig through the bins in L.A.


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