Morning Brief: Robert Durst Is Set to Be Sentenced for the Murder of Susan Berman

Also, LeBron James shares his thoughts on the ending of ”Squid Game,” and more

» Real estate scion and convicted murderer Robert Durst is set to be sentenced on Thursday for the 2000 killing of his friend Susan Berman in Los Angeles. Defense lawyers plan to argue for a new trial at the hearing, saying there was insufficient evidence to prove the case and listing 15 ways the judge erred. [KTLA]

» A 45-year-old Black man is recovering in the hospital after being shot seven times–including in the face–in Stockton, California. Police are searching for the shooter who is described to be a white male in his 30s and they’re investigating the incident as a potential hate crime. [ABC 7]

» Bringing character Captain James T. Kirk to life, Star Trek alum William Shatner blasted off to space on Wednesday along with three other passengers. “What you have given me is the most profound experience,” he told Jeff Bezos, whose Blue Origin company built the ship, after the flight. [KTLA]

» XPO Logistics, one of the world’s largest trucking companies, is set to pay $30 million to settle class-action lawsuits filed by hundreds of truck drivers who said they earned less than minimum wage delivering goods for major retailers from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The drivers argued that two XPO subsidiaries failed to pay them for missed meal and rest periods, and didn’t reimburse them for business experiences or waiting-time penalties. [Los Angeles Times]

» Following his post-game presser for the Los Angeles Lakers pre-season defeat to the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James shared his thoughts about the ending of the extremely popular Korean survival drama, Squid Game, with his teammate Anthony Davis. “I didn’t like the ending though,” James said about the Netflix show’s protagonist Gi-hun. “Get on the f–king flight to see your daughter. What are you doing?” [Deadline]


» L.A. Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas Indicted on Federal Charges Investigators dig into the relationship between the longtime lawmaker and the USC School of Social Work 

» Coachella Is Reversing Its Vaccine Mandate for Next April’s Fest The Indio-set fest’s reversal contradicts a policy put in place by parent company AEG in August

» Hollywood Crews Will Launch Strike on Monday if Agreement Isn’t Reached “Without an end date, we could keep talking forever. Our members deserve to have their basic needs addressed now,” Matthew Loeb said

» The Many Lives (and Names) of Chicano Icon Rubén Guevara A new documentary traces the journey of an L.A. legend who’s influenced generations of Latino/a artists and musicians


Photos by Jakob Layman

This New Culver City Hot Spot Is Hoping to Be the Life of Every Party

At Etta, the new restaurant in the Shay, a soon-to-open hotel, there’s a $65 menu item named “Porrón & a Polaroid.” It involves an entire bottle of wine (or the equivalent in margaritas) poured into a thin-spouted pitcher known as a porrón, plus a fully loaded Polaroid camera. Guests can pour the wine from the pitcher directly into one another’s mouths while documenting the hilarity.

On a recent Friday night, not one but two tables ordered the experience. As the booze flowed, the separate groups merged their parties. “All of a sudden, there was, like, a whole section of everybody celebrating some kind of celebration,” recalls chef Danny Grant.


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