Morning Brief: Local Radio Hosts Suspended for Racist Skit

Also, the L.A. County Fair returns in a new month in 2022, and more

» Local A.M. radio host Tim Conway Jr. and his producer Sheron Bellio have been suspended without pay for a racist on-air sketch mocking a fellow radio personality’s Asian wife. The nearly five-minute skit featured Bellio impersonating a Japanese accent, and was sprinkled with gong sounds, Zen haikus, and other tropes. [Deadline]

» The L.A. County Fair got nixed in 2020 and 2021, but it returns in 2022—in May rather than in sweltering September. Operators hope to attract Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day weekend revelers (and people who’ve traditionally avoided the fair because of the heat). [Los Angeles Times]

» Seven domestic workers have filed suit against Kim Kardashian for not paying overtime or providing legally mandated breaks. They also claim she withheld 10 percent of their pay for taxes while not actually reporting their employment to tax authorities. [NBC News 

» USC researchers say they’re dubious Americans will ever see a complete return to normal after the pandemic. Apart from hardships like job loss and deaths in the family, the survey found mental health fallout will plague Americans for years to come. [ABC 7] 

» A Los Angeles two-year-old named Kashe Quest with an IQ of 146 has become the youngest member of Mensa. And what have you done this week? [Fox L.A.]


» Will the Documentary Boom Continue After COVID? Starved of life experiences during the pandemic, audiences have binged on documentaries. But for every ‘Hemingway’ there’s a ‘Hot Girls Wanted’

» Two LAX Cargo Handlers Nabbed for Allegedly Stealing Gold Bars One of the suspects is accused of burying the ill-gotten treasure in his South L.A. backyard

» The Unique Optimism of Being a Mushroom Forager in Southern California In our parched part of the country, finding mushrooms can be like striking gold. But that doesn’t stop members of the Los Angeles Mycological Society from grabbing their baskets and trying


cuyama buckhorn
Photos courtesy Cuyama Buckhorn

Looking for a New Desert Destination? This May Be It

If you’ve ever dreamed of Joshua Tree without the Instagrammers and the pressure to trek around a national park every day, this might be the place.

Located in the high desert of Santa Barbara County—about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from L.A. and at roughly the same altitude as J. Tree—Cuyama Buckhorn offers a funky, arid retreat in an area brimming with open space and just enough things to do to make for a relaxing getaway.


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