Morning Brief: Pasadena Adds Restrictions to Ongoing Outdoor Dining

Also Katie Porter does it again, L.A. institutes disbursements for food service workers, and more

» Pasadena has put new restrictions on outdoor dining, citing, in part, an influx of visitors from other parts of the county packing the city’s establishments. Restaurant dining will now be capped at six people per table, and all must reside in the same household. Four Pasadena restaurants were shut down in the past week due to failures to comply with COVID protocols. [KTLA]

» COVID-19 hospitalizations in California have broken records for the fourth consecutive day–and experts expect that number to dramatically increase due to those who became infected over Thanksgiving. L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer described the situation as “horrifying.”  [Los Angeles Times]

» O.C. Rep Katie Porter took Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to task over pandemic relief funds. Hundreds of billions of dollars intended to back emergency lending programs were reportedly transferred into Treasury’s general fund at Mnuchin’s order.  [Vanity Fair]

» L.A. food service workers, including those at trucks and stands, will be eligible to receive $800 relief payments. The one-time disbursements will come from the Mayor’s Fund.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Latino neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. The neighborhoods, which have infection rates up to twice that of the county average, are home to large numbers of essential workers who travel across the county for their jobs and frequently interact with the public. [Los Angeles Times]


» Judge Orders L.A. County Authorities to Show Evidence for Outdoor Dining Ban Public health officials will return to court next week to explain the science

» A Redondo Beach Restaurant Is Defying the County’s Outdoor Dining Shutdown COVID-19 cases may be spiking, but it’s business as usual at Eat at Joe’s

» The Academy Says to Expect an In-Person Oscars Ceremony in 2021 Virtual proceedings apparently won’t do for Hollywood’s big night


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