Morning Brief: Maxine Waters Calls for the Feds to Investigate Alleged LASD Gangs

Also, L.A.’s COVID spike reaches a new high, and more

» Congresswoman Maxine Waters has officially asked the Department of Justice to investigate a deputy gang known as the Executioners that allegedly exists within the L.A. Sheriff’s Department. A whistleblower has claimed that the deputy who fatally shot Andres Guardado in 2020 was aspiring to be a member of the group. [LAist]

» On Wednesday, the L.A. County Department of Public Health reported 2,551 new cases of COVID-19, a 20-fold increase in a month. On June 21, just 124 new cases were reported. [Deadline]

» This month’s sewage spill has caused an unpleasant odor to linger in El Segundo, and the city says it could stick around for weeks. Residents have complained about rashes, nausea, and burning eyes due to the smell. [KTLA]

» As the trial of Ed Buck unfolds, videos and witness accounts have revealed disturbing details about the accused drug supplier’s alleged “party and play” fetish, which involved men smoking and injecting methamphetamine. According to the L.A. Times, some of the videos shown at the trial are so graphic that U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder expressed concern that they could traumatize jurors. [Los Angeles Times]

» When school starts up again, every California public school student will have the option of eating lunch for free. It will be the largest free student lunch program in the country.  [NPR]


» Huntington Beach City Council Reaches Stalemate on Filling Tito’s Ortiz’s Seat The former UFC champ left a mess in his wake when he resigned his post in June

» L.A. Zoo Is Launching an Ambitious Plan to Conserve Wildlife—and at a Crucial Moment Biologist Jake Owens gives us a sneak peek at the zoo’s new conservation strategic plan, which tackles environmental justice, the illegal animal trade, and more

» In-N-Out Is Suing an Aussie Soundalike Called In & Out The Irvine-based burger institution wants the copycat from Down Under to knock it off on the Double (Double)


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