Morning Brief: A Devastating Spike in COVID Deaths Among L.A. Latinos

Also anti-vaxxers’ Dodger Stadium shutdown angers residents and officials, and more

» The number of Latinos in L.A. dying from COVID has shot up 1,000 percent since November. Death rates among Latinos in the county have gone from 3.5 per 100,000 each day to 40. [The Guardian]

» A group of 40 to 60 anti-vaccine protesters caused disruption and delays the Dodger Stadium distribution site on Saturday. City officials say they are now “reviewing vaccine site safety protocol” to prevent future disruptions.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, will no longer be using her powerful aunt’s name on products in her clothing line. Author and entrepreneur Meena is behind the brand Phenomenal, which markets garments with political and awareness-raising messages.  [Politico]

» COVID safety and environmental sustainability are in conflict on some Hollywood film sets, particularly when it comes to craft services. Industry experts say years of gains on reducing waste have been “shattered” by the switch to single-use everything.  [The Hollywood Reporter]

» An executive order issued by President Biden orders the federal government to fully reimburse the costs of Project Roomkey. Project Roomkey was designed to temporarily house vulnerable people in hotel rooms during the pandemic using FEMA funds, but until now, that money covered only 75 percent, not the full cost. [The Real Deal]


» Here Are the Rules for Outdoor Dining Under L.A. County’s New Order Masks: on. Televisions: off.

» Coachella and Stagecoach Will Not Return in April 2021 Riverside County health officials nixed April dates, but offer hope the festivals will eventually return

» The Huntington Beach City Council Wants Anti-Masker Tito Ortiz Removed as Mayor Pro Tem The former UFC fighter’s antics have his colleagues rethinking the important appointment


erewhon silver lake
(Illustration by Alex Fine)

Is Erewhon’s Arrival in Silver Lake the Final Nail in the Gentrifying Neighborhood’s Coffin?

“Neighborhoods never die a corporeal death,” essayist Jeff Weiss writes in this dispatch. “They slowly atrophy and mutate, leaving behind a husk of corporate salad chains and hemp-latte bazaars. In that sense, Silver Lake has been slipping into a coma for years. But the appearance of the exorbitantly priced paleo palace might be the final gasp of the former bohemian refuge.”


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