Morning Brief: Larry Elder’s Talk Radio Rhetoric Draws Criticism

Also, California hospitals adopt a vaccine requirement for visitors, and more

» Now that he’s performing well in the recall polls, people are taking a second look at Larry Elder and his talk radio show, which has been a platform for COVID misinformation, climate change skepticism, and right-wing rhetoric on topics like abortion. Elder, who previously called climate change a “crock,” has since said he’s come around on the matter to some degree. [Los Angeles Times]

» Four months after the FBI seized the contents of safe deposit boxes at a Beverly Hills vault, a judge has ordered that the agency return $57,000 in cash to one box holder, food service worker Joseph Ruiz. A number of lawsuits have been filed by box holders seeking the return of their property, alleging the government overstepped constitutional protections in efforts to uncover illegal activity.  [Los Angeles Daily News]

» Medical experts are questioning the veracity of a viral video that purports to show a San Diego police officer “ODing” on fentanyl after barely coming in contact with the substance on the job. Doctors have long said overdosing from skin contact or inhalation of fentanyl is extremely unlikely.  [KTLA]

» Visitors to California hospitals will now need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test. The state is also requiring that California’s roughly 2.2 million health care workers and long term care workers be fully vaccinated by September 30.  [ABC 7]

» In the mood for Mexican food minus the meat? LAist has a roundup of the city’s best vegan Mexican restaurants and pop-ups.  [LAist]


» California Is Considering Legalizing Composting the Dead A bill introduced by a local legislator could give folks in the Golden State a greener alternative to burial or cremation

» Streetwear Competition ‘The Hype’ Is Good Fashion TV L.A. is well represented on the new HBO Max series

» Should You Really Leave Question Two Blank on the Recall Ballot? Gavin Newsom’s team has advised voters against picking a possible replacement, but that strategy may be flawed


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