Morning Brief: L.A.’s Roadways Are Growing Deadlier

Also, another possible jet pack man sighting near LAX, and more

» Just over halfway through 2021, the number of people killed and injured by drivers in L.A. is on pace to exceed 2020 figures. The city is averaging one traffic death about every 30 hours, up from an average of about one traffic death ever 36 hours. [LAist]

» The vaxxed, relaxed summer we were promised has turned into something much more sinister, largely thanks to the effects of climate change. As a cultural historian told The New York Times, “Here in Los Angeles, we have had periods of extreme drought, and periods of extraordinary flooding, and political turmoil, and ecological degradation and a pandemic in 1918, and of course heat waves and wildfires… But they didn’t all come on the same summer day.” [New York Times]

» There’s been another possible jet pack man sighting near LAX. An FAA spokesperson said that “a Boeing 747 pilot reported seeing an object that might have resembled a jet pack 15 miles east of LAX at 5,000 feet altitude,” but some investigators believe this and other sightings could actually be a drone made to look like a man in a jet pack[ABC 7]

» A mysterious crypto tycoon has shelled out $83 million for a six-bedroom, 18-bathroom Pacific Palisades home. As reports, “Crypto tycoons are a relatively new phenomenon, but they’ve already begun making big inroads into the flashiest sector of the high-end real estate market, particularly in Los Angeles.”  [Dirt]

» The LAPD’s civilian oversight panel appointed a new president who’s vocally opposed to the defund movement. Attorney William Briggs, who was nominated by Mayor Eric Garcetti, said, “Our communities of color that are most impacted by crime, many of which have seen the homicide rate rise above 30% this year, cannot afford to go without law enforcement.”  [Los Angeles Times]


» Los Angeles Will Require City Employees to Get Vaxxed or Submit to Testing In the wake of a similar announcement at the state level, top city officials say they’re working on a plan

» Prince Harry’s Ghostwriter Has Some High-Profile Hollywood Connections Former Los Angeles Times journalist and Pulitzer winner J.R. Moehringer has spent years writing about impressive men

» The World Rallies Behind Bob Odenkirk After ‘Heart-Related Incident’ The universally beloved funnyman collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul—and Hollywood is distraught


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