Morning Brief: Huntington Beach Reopens Post-Oil Spill on Monday

Also, California farmers are being paid not to grow crops, and more

» Beaches in Huntington Beach are set to reopen today following a weeklong closure due to a large oil spill that’s plagued the area. Water-quality testing results showed non-detectable amounts of oil-associated toxins in ocean water, but visitors are advised not to handle any tar balls if they come across them. [Los Angeles Daily News]

» As California’s drought gets worse, farmers are actually being paid not to grow crops. A new $38-million program funded by the federal Bureau of Reclamation, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and other water agencies in Arizona and Nevada pays farmers to leave portions of their lands dry and fallow, and the water saved over the next three years is expected to translate into three feet of additional water in Lake Mead. [Los Angeles Times]

»  Britney Spears may soon be free of the conservatorship that’s controlled her life and finances for 13 years, but her custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline will reportedly remain in placeAccording to Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, the family is taking an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” approach to the arrangement with the boys , age 15 and 16. [TMZ]

» As Hunter Biden continues to pursue a career in art, the White House is continuing to address potential conflict of interest concerns. According to CNN, the White House had earlier helped form an ethics agreement with the art gallery selling Hunter’s paintings, the Georges Bergés Gallery, which had booked Milk Studios for a recent showing attended by Mayor Eric Garcetti and others. [CNN]

» Adele says she moved to L.A. because she says she could “never afford” a house like she has here in London. The British singer reportedly owns three mansions next door to one another in L.A., worth a grand total of about $30 million. [Business Insider]


» Pasadena Is Getting Set to Unveil an Eddie Van Halen Memorial On Monday, the late guitar god will be honored with a plaque on Pasadena Civic Auditorium

» This May Be the Reason You Haven’t Gotten a Parking Ticket in a While A report from Crosstown finds that the City of Los Angeles has been giving out dramatically fewer parking tickets as staffing becomes an issue

» Zillionaires (and the Rest of Us) are Lusting After Hot L.A. Properties on TikTok L.A. real estate agents are turning to house porn to market high-end properties on the ubiquitous app


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Barbara Hershey in The Manor (Photo by Kevin Estrada/Amazon Content Services LLC)

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