Morning Brief: Will a Fourth Surge of COVID-19 Strike California?

Also how to take care of your vaccination card (and how not to), and more

» As states in the Northeast and Midwest see a week-over-week spike in COVID-19 cases, epidemiologists are trying to determine how widespread it could become. As for California, where cases have leveled off recently, the likelihood of a surge hinges on resident behavior and vaccine supply. [Los Angeles Times]

» The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has announced the shutter of six Catholic elementary schools. Superintendent Paul Escala says the schools were “trying to overcome financial challenges long before the pandemic,” and cites low enrollment and shifting demographics.  [NBC Los Angeles]

» Nearly a quarter of all office space in Los Angeles County was up for rent at at least some point in the first three months of 2021. Burbank saw the lowest vacancy rate. In Santa Monica, however, more than 30 percent of office space was available. [Bisnow]

» Some individuals removed from Echo Park Lake during a recent sweep report they’ve been bounced around multiple Project Roomkey hotels across the region and don’t know what the future holds. As hotels reopen to serve tourists, stays that were initially expected to last months have been cut short.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Wondering how to take care of your COVID vaccination card? Don’t laminate it, the CDC says. Heat from the lamination process can actually fade or remove the handwritten ink, and it won’t be able to accept booster shot notes should those be required in the future. [KTLA]

» Actor Regé-Jean Page’s departure from Bridgerton caused a stir among fans–but may also offer insight into the changing dynamics of Hollywood contracts in the streaming era. In the past, talent might have been expected to return to a series indefinitely, but more flexible, single-year contracts like Page’s are becoming more common.  [Los Angeles Times]


» Many of L.A.’s Biggest Theater Companies Have Exited the L.A. Stage Alliance After an Asian actress was misidentified as the organization’s annual Ovation Awards, concern about diversity issues grew

» California Lawmakers Are Battling Over for the Fate of Cannabis Billboards As legal weed businesses struggle against the black market, one of their few advertising options could be on the chopping block

» California Will Allow Indoor Concerts, Performances, and Gatherings Later This Month Venues may ask attendees to show proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test


jenny maxwell
Image courtesy Buddy Moorehouse

What Really Happened to 1960s Starlet Jenny Maxwell?

On a sunny June afternoon in 1981, Jenny Maxwell—a blond starlet of the 1960s known for appearing alongside Elvis in ‘Blue Hawaii’—was shot to death outside an L.A. apartment complex, along with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tip Roeder. The unsolved murders were believed to have been the result of a robbery gone awry, but a relative of Maxwell’s and a retired LAPD detective think there could be more to the case than meets the eye.


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