Morning Brief: Officials Warn About Wildfire Conditions in L.A. County

Also the Dodgers pull ahead in the World Series, and more

» L.A. County officials are warning residents to prepare for high-risk fire conditions. Recent cool weather is set to be replaced with dry heat and gusting Santa Ana winds.  [Los Angeles Times]

» The Dodgers won game five of the World Series, taking the lead. Bouncing back from a loss, the team is now just one game away from a championship. [CBS Sports]

» Rapper Offset was detained by Beverly Hills police on Saturday evening while driving past a pro-Trump rally. In a statement, Offset said the detainment was the result of an “attack by aggressive Trump supporters”; police say they were responding to a report by a participant in the protest that a gun was pointed at the Trump supporters by a passenger in the car. [Billboard]

» The White House appears to have given up on “controlling” the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing instead on “mitigations,” per comments from Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Cases and hospitalizations are surging nationwide, and at least five aides to Vice President Pence have recently revealed positive tests. [Washington Post]

» Early voting centers have opened across Los Angeles County. Residents can cast an in-person ballot–or drop off their mail ballot–at any center of their choosing, regardless of home precinct.  [Los Angeles Times]


» Candidate Swag Is Banned at the Polls—but MAGA Hats Apparently Don’t Count A Trump or Biden shirt won’t fly, but the state says the president’s slogan passes muster

» Fire at a Historically Black Church in Venice Renews Community Cries for Preservation Activists describe ”suspicious circumstances” around the fire, sparked just days after national media attention on the church’s historic significance

» The ‘Target Husk’ in Hollywood Opens at Last, 12 Years After Work Began The store has been under construction longer than many businesses exist


justin turner dirt jersey los angeles dodgers

John McCoy/Getty Images

Why Does Justin Turner Always Have that Smudge Across the Back of His Jersey?

Some players try to boost their luck by wearing the same clothes day after day; some eat certain foods. Braves’ reliever Turk Wendell had a routine that involved bare feet, licorice, and a toothbrush. But not Turner. He’s just limber.


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