Morning Brief: Salton Sea ‘Quake Storm’ Ups the Chances of a Bigger Earthquake

Also Meghan and Harry reportedly purchase a home in Santa Barbara, and more

» The Salton Sea quake storm could increase chances of a bigger earthquake within the week. USGS says there is an 80 percent chance the small temblors will continue–and a 19 percent chance of a larger San Andreas Fault event. [CBS Los Angeles]

» Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly purchased a home of their own in Santa Barbara. The couple recently visited Montecito to celebrate Markle’s birthday, and appear to have decided to set down roots in the area.  [Page Six]

» Colleges in the ‘Pac-12’ will postpone all sports through at least the end of 2020. That grouping includes USC, UCLA, and other western universities. [ESPN]

» Prosecutors say the LAPD framed a pair of brothers as MS-13 gang members. The young immigrants from Guatemala were reportedly stopped by officers who told them they “looked like gang members.”  [Los Angeles Times]

» Even though air travel has plunged, TSA has collected three times the typical number of firearms from passengers attempting to board airplanes while armed. The vast majority of the guns were fully loaded while going through security. [NPR]


» If Kamala Harris Becomes VP, What Happens to Her Senate Seat? Political insiders are already speculating about who might take her spot

» Uber and Lyft Have to Start Classifying Their California Drivers as Employees, a Judge Says A ruling says the companies have failed to comply with AB 5, the state’s gig economy legislation

» L.A. Hot Dog Landmark Pink’s Is Reopening After Almost 5 Months ”It’ll be the original Pink’s experience … except with Plexiglass”


perseid meteor shower
Perseid Meteor Shower

Benjamin Schaefer/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The Best Places to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower Around L.A.

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