Morning Brief: Five Dodgers Staffers Test Positive for COVID-19

Also news on a potential vaccine, Alex Trebek passes, and more

» Five Dodgers team staffers have tested positive for COVID-19. Sources claim that the individuals were not among those present at the World Series when Justin Turner celebrated on the field after a positive test. [Los Angeles Times]

» Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced Monday morning that in clinical trials, the vaccine it’s developed with German drugmaker BioNTech has been 90 percent effective in preventing the disease in people who weren’t previously infected. [New York Times]

» Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died at the age of 80. The iconic television personality announced in 2019 that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. [NBC News]

» Jared Kushner and Melania Trump, are reportedly counseling the president to accept the results of the election. Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. are continuing to publicly advocate for a more defiant approach. [CNN]

» The three newest L.A. City Council members have one thing in common: a mandate to address homelessness. Analysts say “a wave of discontent” about the city’s housing crisis was key to the victories of Nithya Raman, Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Kevin de León. [Los Angeles Times]

» An unlawful assembly was declared by Beverly Hills police as a pro-Trump demonstration swelled late on Saturday. Police in Huntington Beach detained two at a pro-Trump rally following a physical altercation. [ABC Los Angeles]


» 2020 Local Election Results Tracker Latest results in races for Los Angeles DA, City Council. Board of Supervisors, and U.S. House

» District Attorney Jackie Lacey Concedes to Challenger George Gascón in Emotional Speech After eight years in office and amid widespread outcry from social justice activists, the controversial DA is out

» What Will Happen to Kamala Harris’s Senate Seat? Political insiders are already speculating about who might take her spot


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Courtesy: Philly's Best

Where to Get a Philly Cheesesteak 

According to the researchers at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, we owe the invention of the cheesesteak to Pat and Harry Olivieri, a resourceful pair who owned a hot dog stand near the South Philadelphia Italian Market in the early 1930s. Pat went on to open Pat’s King of Steaks, a cheesesteak landmark still in operation today. While we can’t guarantee that any L.A. cheesesteak shop has quite that pedigree, we still think they’re worth a try.


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