Morning Brief: EDM Artist Diplo Could Face Sexual Misconduct Charges

Also, the Long Beach Unified School District fires the safety officer who shot and critically injured a 18-year-old woman, and more

» EDM artist Diplo could face criminal charges for sexual misconduct following claims that he recorded and distributed explicit video of a woman without her consent and infected her with chlamydia without her knowledge. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office said their office is looking into the complaint against the 42-year-old DJ and producer—who denied the allegations—but provided no further comment. [BuzzFeed]

» A day after the internet went into a frenzy when Facebook and its family of apps shut down for several hours, Los Angeles City councilman Joe Buscaino on Tuesday introduced a motion to have the city divest from the social platform, which he said has privacy concerns and correlates to issues of depression and anxiety in users. “Despite knowing that using their platform leads to deteriorating mental health in kids and teens, Facebook continues to focus their efforts on bringing pre-teens and teens to their platform. This is one of many reasons why the city of Los Angeles should divest itself from Facebook,” Buscaino said. [Los Angeles Daily News]

» The Long Beach Unified School District has fired the safety officer who shot and critically injured a 18-year-old woman—who died on Wednesday—near Millikan High School last week. “We clearly saw areas where the employee violated district policy,” said Superintendent Jill Baker, noting that safety officers are instructed to use deadly force only as a last resort. [Long Beach Post]

» After breaking pandemic-era records last weekend with $90 million at the North American box office, Sony’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage surpassed $100 million on Tuesday. Within just five days, the sequel reached $102.1 million and sales are expected to continue soaring as the film closes out its first full week. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» The LAPD’s civilian oversight panel ruled Tuesday that a team of police officers mishandled their response to a gunman at a Ralph’s grocery store last year, which resulted in gunfire and a hostage situation. Among their mishaps was not establishing a perimeter around the grocery store during the standoff, which provided the suspect with “an avenue of escape” to reach a convenience store across the store and hold a clerk at gunpoint before surrendering. [Los Angeles Times]

» Two scientists with Southern California ties were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing “an ingenious tool for building molecules” that is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and is widely used today. The prestigious award went to Benjamin List of the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in Germany and David MacMillian at Princeton University in the United States. [LAist]


» A Federal Lawsuit Has Been Filed in the O.C. Oil Spill Records show that the outfit in charge of the ruptured oil line has a history of violating safety and ecological regulations

» LeVar Burton Is Set to be Grand Marshal of the 2022 Rose Parade The beloved actor didn’t get the Jeopardy! gig, but he’ll ride in style through the streets of Pasadena on New Year’s Day

» This Stylish Market in Chinatown Is Curated with Love Whether you’re looking to spice up dinner or cure a cold, Sesame L.A. stocks a perfect mix of thoughtful pantry essentials


estrano pasta
Photo by Kelsey Cox

Estrano Brings Punk Rock Vibes to the Pasta Pop-Up Scene

Estrano chef Diego Argoti is wearing a pink mask, vintage MTV tank top, cut-off jean shorts, and high-top sneakers as he helps his crew unload equipment from his well-worn pick-up truck. They scramble to set up alongside the Comfy Pup tent behind Club Tee Gee’s back patio in Atwater Village, unfolding tables and making a kitchen materialize like magic, revealing two woks, two pots, two propane tanks, six burners, trays, and pasta baskets. As one man starts taking order on a pad, Argoti begins prepping pasta dishes in aluminum and plastic takeout containers.

“We are the opposite of traditional Italian,” Argoti says. “I always say we are really bad Italian food because we break rules.”


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