Morning Brief: Death Valley Clocks Highest Temps in Over a Century

Also a police-involved shooting in Pasadena, parking enforcement postponed, and more

» According to NOAA, a thermometer located in Death Valley’s Furnace Creek indicated that temps had soared to 130 degrees in the area. According to CBS News, “it would be the hottest temperature recorded in the U.S. since 1913, and perhaps the hottest temperature ever reliably recorded in the world.” [CBS News]

» A man was shot and killed by police in Pasadena on Saturday evening. An investigation into the circumstances of the incident is underway.  [CBS Los Angeles]

p» Resumption of parking enforcement  in Los Angeles has been pushed off yet again as residents remain at home amid the pandemic. The current relaxed rules will now remain in effect through October 1. [NBC Los Angeles]

» LAUSD announced a plan for an ambitious COVID-19 testing and contact-tracing program for all students and staff. Superintendent Austin Beutner described the scheme as an essential step for getting kids back to in-person lessons. [Los Angeles Times]

» Indoor church services will be allowed to resume at the Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon rejected an L.A. County request for a temporary restraining order on public health grounds; the church had filed its own lawsuit claiming discrimination.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Residents along the California-Nevada border observed a rare “firenado” on Saturday. The unusual phenomenon signals “extremely erratic” fire condtions. [NBC Los Angeles]


» An Appeals Court Shoots Down California’s Voter-Approved Ban on High-Capacity Magazines Trump-appointed judge Kenneth Lee said the ban does not “pass constitutional muster”

» Kamala Critics Are Going Back to the Birther Playbook Claims about the Senator’s heritage and citizenship have seen renewed life online since she was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate

» Dodger Stadium Will Be the First MLB Ballpark to Become a Polling Place The Dodgers are teaming up with LeBron James to create a safe (and iconic) in-person voting center


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