Morning Brief: Trump Will Deny All New DACA Applications

Also a piece of L.A. history goes up for auction, Garcetti addresses his regrets, and more

» The Trump administration says it will deny all new DACA applications. Renewals will be cut from two years to just one, as well. The moves come in spite of court cases that have upheld the program. [Los Angeles Times]

» Eric Garcetti has “not a lot of regrets” about how the city has responded to the pandemic. “I think we’ve probably done the best job of a vulnerable city protecting our people,” he said in a new interview.  [NBC News]

» A “wave of evictions” could hit Los Angeles in just weeks as renter protections lift. Some experts suggest working with hotels and motels to turn the estimated 700,000 hotel rooms that are currently sitting empty into housing.  [ABC Los Angeles]

» Councilman David Ryu insists he’s a “progressive fighter.” Supporters of his challenger, Nithya Ramen, argue that his left-leaning postures are recent affectations.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Donald Trump Jr. is being penalized by Twitter for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. The platform has stepped up its policing of dangerous theories about the virus. [The Washington Post]

» The video camera used to film the 1991 police beating of Rodney King will be auctioned. Bidding on the relic of L.A. history is expected to start at $225,000.  [CNN]


» Some Popular TikTok Creators Are Ditching the Platform Over Security Concerns A group of star video-makers say they’re taking their talents to L.A.-based app Triller instead

» Kerry Washington and Other Nominees React to Their Emmy Nods As Christina Applegate put it, ”These are strange times. Sad times. But it’s nice to have some good news”

» The Chateau Marmont Is Set to Flip to a Private Club Owner André Balazs confirms he will rehire few, if any, of the property’s laid-off staffers for the new venture


dodger home plates dodger dog postmates

Photo: Postmates

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