Morning Brief: COVID Test Used Widely in L.A. May Produce False Negatives

Also California issues new travel guidelines, and more

» The FDA has issued a warning that the COVID-19 test used most in L.A. may be returning a high number of false negatives, meaning patients who are infected carry on thinking they are not. While the science behind the Curative kits is not itself in doubt, issues stem from how they’re administered, and how well they can detect virus in asymptomatic cases.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Updated California guidelines now say residents should not travel more than 120 miles from home unless the trip is absolutely essential. Visitors from other states and countries are being “strongly discouraged” from entering the state. [KTLA]

» A Black woman was assaulted by a group of Trump supporters in downtown Los Angeles. She says she was merely trying to walk home when a group showing solidarity with the Capitol mob surrounded and attacked her.  [Fox Los Angeles]

» Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, says she is “disturbed by the double standard” in law enforcement displayed at the Capitol. “What we witnessed […] was not just white supremacist terrorism, but also law enforcement allowing for these white supremacist terrorists to run amok,” she says. [The Hollywood Reporter]

» Jeff Bezos has lost the crown of “world’s richest person.” A Tesla stock price rally moved Elon Musk ahead. [CNBC]


» With Mere Days Left in His Presidency, Facebook Blocks Donald Trump Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that Trump will be locked out of his Facebook and Instagram accounts until a peaceful transfer of power has taken place

» Healing Products and Herbal Remedies for Everything from Stress to Dry Skin Local shops share some of the herbal remedies their customers love

» 50 Years After His Big Debut, Watts-Bred Artist Timothy Washington Gets His Due The 74-year-old’s spiritual, Afrofuturist assemblage sculptures are in high demand among collectors, curators, and celebrities


101 coffee shop

A Look Back at How 101 Coffee Shop Became Part of Movie History

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