Morning Brief: L.A. County Reaches All-Time High for New COVID-19 Cases

Also Naya Rivera’s cause of death, a coronavirus vaccine’s promising results, and more

» L.A. County set a new all-time high for new COVID-19 cases and for hospitalizations. A staggering 4,244 new confirmations and 73 deaths were reported on Tuesday. Indoor work settings are a key area of concern as the spread continues. [Los Angeles Times]

» Naya Rivera’s death has been ruled an accidental drowning by the Ventura County medical examiner. Her remains were found in Lake Piru on Monday and was identified by dental records. [Deadline]

» Trials of a coronavirus vaccine from Moderna are showing “promising results.” The Cambridge, MA-based company’s vaccine will enter a phase three of testing this month, making it the first U.S.-developed vaccine, and only fourth vaccine in the world, to reach that phase. [NBC News]

» Nick Cannon says he hopes people will “help educate him” after coming under fire for comments he and his guest, Professor Griff, made on a recent episode of his podcast. In the conversation, the pair offered praise for Louis Farrakhan; Cannon now suggests he may not have been aware of some portions of Farrakhan’s history or rhetoric.  [Fast Company]

» Kanye West’s 2020 campaign may have run its course. The rapper appeared to be building a legitimate campaign infrastructure, even offering staff $5,000 a week to gather signatures, but it now seems he missed deadlines in too many key states to make a plausible go at the presidency.  [Hypebeast]

» An LAPD officer who served as Eric Garcetti’s body guard alleges he was sexually harassed by one of the mayor’s advisors. The officer claims that ex-deputy chief of staff Rick Jacobs made inappropriate comments and physical contact with him over a span of several years. [Los Angeles Times]

» A $25 million proposed settlement in a lawsuit filed by a group of nearly women who say they were abused by Harvey Weinstein has been “upended” by a federal judge. The judge expressed skepticism of the women’s formation of a legal class action, rather than filing a series of individual suits, and took exception to an arrangement that would have paid out not from Weinstein’s personal coffers, but from insurance coverage, including using $12 million to cover legal fees for Weinstein and his associates. [The New York Times]


» Will the City Hall Corruption Scandal Doom a Massive DTLA Development? Officials are seeking to revoke permits for an L.A. Live-adjacent megaproject that City Attorney Mike Feurer has called ”a product of corruption”

» Tax Documents Indicate that Ryan Seacrest’s Charity Gives Less Than It Pays His Family The ubiquitous host’s sister and father do well for themselves at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation

» Sqirl Accused of Moldy Jam, Questionable Practices, and Stolen Recipes An icon of L.A. dining faces an array of allegations that went viral on Instagram


tiny earthquakes the big one earthquake los angeles

Researchers Say a Big SoCal Quake Has Gotten More Likely, but Don’t Panic Yet

According to a new study, the odds of a historic earthquake hitting Southern California have increased since last year’s Ridgecrest temblors and the result could be the worst quake the region has seen in 163 years. But seismologist Lucy Jones, who did not work on the study, doesn’t think the data is something to get too worked up over–at least not yet.


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