Morning Brief: Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Wants to Run for Governor

Also a ”double mutant” COVID variant is circulating in California, and more

» Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly considering running for governor if a recall election takes placeRepresentatives for the celebrity Republican declined to confirm–or deny–the rumors.  [Axois]

» A troubling new variant of COVID-19 that appears to be circulating in California has been identified by Stanford scientists. Described as a “double mutant,” the new variant appears to have picked up evolutions from two previously known strains and combined them. [Los Angeles Times]

» Metro ridership numbers are already rebounding. Several bus routes reported ridership in March at nearly two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels. Numbers had plunged amid the winter surge.  [StreetsBlog L.A.]

» A promising new HIV vaccine is building off Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. Very early trials for the new mRNA-based vaccine indicate high levels of efficacy. [Refinery 29]

» “Small-time actor” Zachary Horwitz has been arrested in connection with a scheme that the FBI says bilked would-be film investors of $227 million. Horwitz allegedly faked documents suggesting deals with HBO and Netflix to trick investors into funding his own distribution company.  [Los Angeles Times]


» Record Label Young Turks Has Changed Its Name in Recognition of the Armenian Genocide “We were unaware of the deeper history of the term,” the founder states

» Harvey Weinstein Wants a New Trial in New York Attorneys filed an appeal asking that the disgraced mogul’s rape and criminal sex act convictions be reversed

» Crudo e Nudo Is Serving Up Fresh, Sustainable Fish—and an Exciting New Business Model Former Michael’s chef Brian Bornemann and girlfriend Leena Culhane serve up their faves at the new Santa Monica raw bar and seafood market


tamra judge
Photo by Susan Campos

O.C. Real Housewife Tamra Judge Tells Us Her Love Story

Tamra Judge met her husband Eddie Judge 11 years ago while she was shooting The Real Housewives of Orange County. “It was love at first sight,” the 53-year-old recalls. “It was stars, fireworks, all those cliché things.”⁠ They met through mutual friends, but she was married at the time. “We waited about eight months until we connected and went on our first date,” says Eddie, 48.

Though the duo lives and works together, they still can’t get enough of one another. “We’ve seriously been together every single day since that first date,” says Tamra.


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