Morning Brief: California Adopts Its First Basic Income Program

Also, the Chargers’ low vaccination rate, and more

» California legislators approved the state’s first-ever basic income plan. The $35 million Universal Basic Income (UBI), pilot program will be for pregnant people and foster youth aging out of the system. [ABC 10]

» The L.A. Chargers are one of four NFL teams that remain under 50 percent vaccinated as training camp approaches. While fully vaccinated players will enjoy relaxed protocols this season, unvaccinated players are subject to a variety of restrictions, including masking, daily testing, and not being allowed to eat meals with the rest of the team. [CBS Sports

» Megan Fox is facing backlash for referring to Donald Trump as a “legend” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show. Fox has since explained that she meant he’s a legend to the “clearly Republican” crowd at the UFC fight both recently attended. [Insider]

» A reminder to watch what you say about your employer on Slack: sources say several Netflix marketing execs were canned for being critical of their bosses on the office chat platform. A Netflix spokesperson denied this was the case, telling The Hollywood Reporter, A Netflix spokesperson says, “The depiction of the slack messages in question being critical of marketing leadership is untrue.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

» Caitlyn Jenner’s historic gubernatorial run isn’t exactly getting high marks from political strategists. A veteran GOP strategist called her candidacy  “more Gary Coleman than Arnold Schwarzenegger,” and said the campaign appeared to lack any obvious strategy or rationale. [Los Angeles Times]


» Immersive Van Gogh Is Engrossing, Gorgeous, and Just a Little Bit Sinister An early look at the viral art exhibit, which boasts walk-through versions of Van Gogh’s most iconic paintings…and artificial intelligence?

» Britney Spears’s New Lawyer Is a Hollywood Heavy Hitter Good news for the #FreeBritney crowd: the star’s new attorney has a long history of getting results for his big-name clients

» This Tiny, Blue Butterfly Is in Trouble. Local Conservationists Are Fighting to Change That The El Segundo Blue Butterfly has been on the federal list of endangered species since the 1970s—will habitat restoration save the day?


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