Morning Brief: Donald Trump Tweets Video of Perfectly Legal Ballot Handling in L.A. County

Also an epic car chase from Joshua Tree to the South Bay, and more

» Donald Trump tweeted a video of workers collecting ballots from an L.A. County dropbox, claiming it showed evidence of tampering. The video in fact showed nothing but perfectly legal and appropriate ballot handling. [Los Angeles Times]

» California closes in on a million COVID-19 cases after another day of surging numbers. Texas is the only state to pass the one million mark up to this point.  [Los Angeles Times]

» Los Angeles is adding even more COVID-19 testing capacity. In addition to more capacity at existing sites, rapid testing may also soon roll out to more members of the public. [ABC Los Angeles]

» A motorist led police on a car chase from Joshua Tree to the South Bay on Wednesday. The driver zoomed, sometimes over 100 miles per hour, for more than 130 miles.  [NBC Los Angeles]

» Prince Harry, comedy royalty? Princess Di’s son will appear as a “special guest” at a charity comedy show next week, alongside Jon Stewart, Tiffany Haddish, and others. [Marie Claire]


» Britney Spears’s Dad Will Maintain Control of her Affairs—at Least for Now An L.A. Superior Court judge declined a petition to have Jamie Spears removed from his long-held role as conservator of his adult daughter’s estate

» A Creepy Con Man Is Impersonating an Oscar-Winning Director to Scam Actresses More than a dozen woman say the’ve been contacted by a lewd imposter claiming to be British director Hugh Welchman

» Vin Scully to Narrate the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series Film The legendary announcer comes out of retirement for a special occasion


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