ITSCACA? Even More Rejected California Vanity Plates

And a few wingdings that got the OK too

Before there was Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, there were personalized license plates—the proto-tweet, in a sense, limited to 7 characters instead of 140. Since vanity plates were introduced in 1972, California drivers have spent many idle minutes in traffic decoding the customized letter and number combinations in front of them, uncovering job descriptions, clever jokes, and sentimental messages.

But just as social media companies have found it increasingly necessary to moderate the more pernicious and inappropriate forms of language, the Department of Motor Vehicles has long stood as a bulwark against tawdry and offensive license plates (at least, in theory). In California, the DMV employs four full-time reviewers who sort through the tens of thousands of applications received each month. In 2018 alone, the department fielded nearly 250,000 requests for personalized plates.

In general, the DMV instructs its reviewers to “refuse any configuration that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency.” This includes euphemisms for genitalia, racial and ethnic slurs, weapon and firearm-related terms, and even references to law enforcement. The number 88, even when used to denote the year of a birth or graduation, regularly gets rejected for its neo-Nazi symbolism (“H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 stands for “Heil Hitler” ). Reviewers even reject plates with area codes, which fall under the category of “Gang, Hate Group, or Criminal Organization association.” Some exceptions exist—the number 69, for instance, can appear on plates belonging to cars manufactured in 1969.

When someone applies for a personalized plate, they also provide an explanation of the meaning behind their desired configuration. If a plate gets flagged for potentially violating the rules, the reviewer comments on the application with the reason for the flag. The “dialogue” between the unwitting—sometimes clumsily deceptive—customer and the deadpan reviewer reads a bit like a bureaucratic farce.

Last week we published some of the best flagged applications from a public records request, but there are so many good ones, we can’t resist publishing more. They’re a mix of both brazen attempts to sneak vulgarity onto California’s roadways and (occasionally) innocent attempts to pay tribute to people, places, and activities that just happen to too closely resemble slang for excrement or genitalia. Some of the text has been reformatted for clarity, but spelling and punctuation errors remain in full.


Applicant’s Explanation: Saying very dear to my heart. Something my father used to say when he was proud of me.

DMV Comments: Russian for dumb ass

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Grandfather’s initials and birthday

DMV Comments: Looks like well ho

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Symbol of auspiciousness and good omen

DMV Comments: Swastika

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Mr Bonner to you

DMV Comments: Mr Boner (hard on) to you

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Find Your Universal Everlasting Consciousness Searching (For) Knowledge

DMV Comments: Fuck yes

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Wife’s initials

DMV Comments: Looks like All Hail Hitler

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: “KOM” is my initials and “taco” is short for Tacoma which is the truck it’s going on

DMV Comments: Looks like come taco

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Disabled Veterans Don’t Give-up. Always Fight.

DMV Comments: DV Don’t Give A Fuck

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: I’m Down For Womans Unity [sic.]

DMV Comments: I Don’t Fuck With You

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Zoomba To Karla’s Love

DMV Comments: Zombie To Kill

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: To Klyde Love Zoomba

DMV Comments: 2 Kill Zombie

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Riding Hard

DMV Comments: Could be a sexual reference or a term used when some one is dancing to a beat and hittin the moves

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Twin Turbo V6 engine

DMV Comments: TT … Penis … Titties

Verdict: no


Applicant’s Explanation: Long Beach, VA. Stop denying my license plate because you think 562 is gang related. VA limits 1st amdnt and 2nd amdnt enough. I was born here, I like my city.

DMV Comments: 562 Lakewood Area Code

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Soulmates!!!

DMV Comments: Soul mate… 88-Hitler

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Plumbing contractor how I make my money

DMV Comments: Poo money

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: What the grandkids call me. I was refused PAPPOO2

DMV Comments: Poo, in order #122 we denied customer’s request for PAPPOO2

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: My two grand mothers intials. Fanela Danya Andrada Elena Puraci Arnaut

DMV Comments: Fuck the EPA

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Information Technologist For The Sacramento Chapter Of The California Automotic Collectors Association

DMV Comments: Its Caca…Poop

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: This was the name of my dog

DMV Comments: Urban says it means slut

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Combination of the word wankel and rotery refering to the mazda rx8 engine type

DMV Comments: Wanker… Fucker… Masturbate

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Charlie brown always say’s “awe rats”, but it’s peanuts, so we like this for it. Like you’re saying, oh darn.

DMV Comments: Nuts, sexual reference

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: All you see is the back of my car

DMV Comments: You, hostile

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Eye See You Car

DMV Comments: I See You, can be taken as hostile

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: We are huge fans of marvel comics and Harlee Quinn

DMV Comments: Wreak Havoc could be taken as hostile

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Boatswain’s Mate Master Chief Baby Boats

DMV Comments: BB can stand for bareback

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Dang Kool 65

DMV Comments: Dank can be a word used to describe good weed

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Dorito Furito Lays

DMV Comments: Looks like Dori Fuck You

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Madison Ave Carpet Cleaning Middle and last name initial

DMV Comments: Mac can be another word for pimp

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: My name is mac. Wanted MACMAN or MACAMAN but both were taken so I’ll use a 7 in there

DMV Comments: Mac can be another word for pimp

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Me and my kids initials

DMV Comments: The BJ at the end stands out, BJ stands for blow job

Verdict: Yes


Applicant’s Explanation: Toyo Racing Development

DMV Comments: Terd, obscene

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Why Am I So Nice (Chinese)

DMV Comments: Why Me So Hoe

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Last name and husband’s last name

DMV Comments: CAO=FUCK in Mandarin Chinese but it IS her last name

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: degenerate x

DMV Comments: DEGENERATE can mean a sexual deviate per With the X could be taken as Generation X.  His name is Xavier though

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: fish more

DMV Comments: Sexual connotations, also Fuck It Shit Happens

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Game 4 hustle

DMV Comments: GAME 4 as in baseball or basketball? Hustle as in making money by any (illegal) means?

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Houllas short for Catahoula which is a breed of my dogs. Also the state dog of Louisiana and commonly referred to as a spotted leopard hound

DMV Comments: True but, Haul Ass

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: first letter of names in my family


Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Los Angeles Boksie (Boksie is Africaans for friend)

DMV Comments: BOK=SHIT IN TURKISH, couldn’t confirm their meaning in Africaans

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Meaningless car nickname

DMV Comments: Means “bang me” in Croatian (google translate)

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Owner of the car

DMV Comments: D BAG=douche bag

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Say the Number 10

DMV Comments: Satan

Verdict: Yes


Applicant’s Explanation: It means true change. Its a phrase we use in our family.

DMV Comments: I FUCKED YOU (SPANISH) **NOTE: “T CHINGE” recently went through… should we try to stop it?

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: I handle herptiles as an avid herptile (reptile or amphibian) lover this has a lot of meaning for me

DMV Comments: Looks like Herpes but her meaning is true

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: It is a reference to my rank in the Navy, Chief Petty Officer and how I am always chiefin

DMV Comments: Slang for smoking week [sic.]

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Nickname

DMV Comments: Can’t translate but some Google results say Pang=shit

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Hawaiian for non local

DMV Comments: – Hawaiian word for foreigner or white person, can be ok or used disparagingly. Some are out there

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Bushcraft: the art of beeing knowledgeable about how to use mother nature in ones advantage while in the outdoors/backcountry.

DMV Comments: Looks like Bitch Craft

Verdict: No


Applicant’s Explanation: Be the Chosen One

DMV Comments: Bitch What

Verdict: No

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