Time Frame: Arthur Murray’s Miracle Mile Studio 70 Years Ago and Today

The Wilshire studio of the self-described “world’s most famous dance instructor” is now closed, but Murray’s moves live on

Arthur Murray was the world’s most famous dance instructor—at least that’s how he referred to himself. Born Moses Teichman to Austro-Hungarian immigrants, he did show Bing Crosby a step or two and started an empire of dance schools in the 1930s. By 1946, when he and wife Kathryn were photographed in front of his Miracle Mile studio (inset), the company was grossing $20 million a year. An army of 3,500 instructors across the country averaged half a million lessons monthly. He was also famous for mail-order footprint diagrams designed to teach dance moves. Murray retired in 1969 and died in 1991. His company lives on with nearly two dozen franchises in Southern California alone, though the Wilshire location has closed.