Exclusive: Congressman Mike Garcia’s Brother Is a QAnon-Espousing Election Skeptic

The narrowly elected District 25 congressman has been criticized for his far-right voting record, but it appears it runs in the family

Ever since Republican Mike Garcia replaced Democrat Katie Hill as the representative for California’s 25th Congressional District, he’s done plenty to ingratiate himself to the most fervent Trump fans, if not to voters in the politically split swing district. Already, Garcia has voted against the certification of electoral votes in Pennsylvania and Arizona, and against Trump’s second impeachment; he opposed the Dreamers Act and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act; and he cosponsored legislation that would pretty much criminalize all abortion.

Making a case for voting him out in 2022, Christy Smith—who lost to Garcia by just 333 votes in November and is running against him again—stated in May, “Mike Garcia continues to side with the worst elements of society, again. Garcia has a history of uniting with conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists during his time in politics.”

Yet, when it comes to dabbling in darker conspiracy theories about everything from the 2020 Presidential election to COVID to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Mike Garcia is practically lukewarm compared to his brother, Gus Garcia III.

Gus Garcia—the owner of two Los Angeles-area car dealerships, and who donated $3,300 to his brother’s campaign according to records—is public about his affinity for Trump and has called QAnon “spot on” on social media. His Twitter account opens with a pinned photo of himself and Mike in the Oval Office with the former President, and then things get ugly.

In a July 8 Facebook post, Gus Garcia shared the name and photograph of a man he believes to be the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbit, although the social media giant supposedly forbids such posts. Not incidentally, loose-screw plots regarding the officer have become a favorite Trump talking point.

On Twitter, he’s recently retweeted users and pundits who believe undocumented immigrants are driving the spike in COVID cases (specifically not “unvaccinated Trump supporters”), that the presidential assassination in Haiti has something to do with the Clintons, and that the destruction of a George Floyd memorial in a lightning strike is “proof that God exists,” a “joke” tweeted by Newsmax talking head Emerald Robinson.


While, based on his voting record, Congressman Garcia harbored doubts about the results of the election in Arizona and Pennsylvania, his bro appears to doubt that Biden won any states at all, retweeting a conservative pundit who said, “If they were to do a complete audit of every state, we’d find out that Trump won every state..including California & New York.”

The congressman’s brother has also been vocal on Facebook about his support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims there’s a global cabal of Democrats who torture and eat children. In a post just this month, Gus Garcia said, “If everyone had actually read Q for themselves, there would be no controversy about it. Its [sic] just information. It was spot-on. You’d have to be a fool to dispute it at this point.” He goes on to call nonbelievers “lazy sheep.”

Garcia is no Q n00b, either. His support dates back to at least 2018.

Gus Garcia did not respond to emails from Los Angeles requesting comment. Reps for Mike Garcia did not respond to calls and emails.

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