Michelle Obama to Hollywood Writers: Tell The Stories of Our Military Families


First Lady Michelle Obama was in Beverly Hills today to speak at a Joining Forces Entertainment Guilds event designed to raise awareness of and support for military families.

During an hour-long discussion moderated by writer-director JJ Abrams and attended by members of The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America West, Obama discussed the need for a greater presence of military familes and the issues they face in pop culture films and TV, and even confirmed her own staring turn in an upcoming episode of iCarly on Nickelodeon. 

“When I think about where I hope we are in a year, I want the conversation to be different,” she said. “I want the military families to feel this support on the ground.  This isn’t about, you know, empty words or deeds. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t blue or red or anything. This is about making sure that these families in the end feel like everyone in this country, first of all, understands their sacrifices, appreciates it, and that we’re all doing our part to step up.”

The First Lady will speak at a Democratic National Committee dinner before concluding her visit to Los Angeles tonight.