Metrolink Train Headed to Union Station Crashes Into a Tractor Truck Near Oxnard Tuesday Morning

Dozens of travelers, including the train’s driver, were injured

A Metrolink commuter train traveling from the East Valley to Union Station derailed this morning when it collided with a Ford truck just outside of Oxnard. According to Emergency Medical Services administrator Steve Carroll, 28 people were taken to six hospitals, while another 23 were treated for injuries at the scene of the crash. The train driver, who hit the breaks but not in time to avoid hitting the truck, sustained injuries that are critical.

As for the driver of the truck, he was not hurt in the accident and is cooperating with Oxnard police.

If there’s any good news to report, it’s that three of the train’s four cars that derailed were equipped with a crash energy management system designed to keep travelers safe in the event of an accident following a Metrolink crash in Chatsworth that killed 25 people in 2008.