The Metro Gets a Super Mario Upgrade

This is what our subway system would look like in 16-bit

This baby won’t help you find Bowser’s castle or lead the way to an imprisoned Princess Toadstool, but it will help you navigate L.A.’s subway system while doling out a substantial dose of nostalgia.

Chicago-based artist Robert Bacon—who was born in Fountain Valley, by the way—rendered an accurate and complete version of the Metro Rail System map in the style of Super Mario World this week. Having made similar maps for Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, Bacon was hesitant to create a map for L.A. due to the age-old perception that no one here takes public transportation. “After doing some research and finding out that over 300,000 people use the LA Metro daily, I knew I was wrong,” he wrote on his Web site. And so it was that this glorious 16-bit map of the Metro was born, which is available in two poster sizes (perfect for the gamer/city nerd on your holiday gift list).


Illustration by Bacon