Meet L.A.’s Wildlife: Summer Birthday Edition

Baby animals!

Having a summer birthday sucks. You don’t get a special shout-out in school, your friends can’t help you celebrate because they’re off on vacations, and it’s too hot to have fun anyway. That’s why we want to make sure a few extra-adorable summer birthday boys and girls aren’t overlooked.

Mountain Lion Kittens

Two mountain lion kittens were born last month, the National Parks Service announced on Tuesday. The kittens, P-43 and P-44 (don’t get too sappy on us, National Parks Service) were born in the Santa Monica and Santa Susana mountains, respectively. And boy are they adorable.

Researchers followed the GPS signals of kitten’s tagged mothers to find their dens. Then, while the moms were out (getting much-deserved massages, presumably), a trained biologist snuck in, nabbed the kittens, and briefly brought them out to document things like their health, their DNA, and probably how adorable they
are on a scale from one to ten (ten, duh).

On top of all the adorableness, there’s some US Weekly-worthy drama: Biologists don’t know yet who the fathers are, though they certainly have their guesses; in P-43’s case, it might even be the mother’s own father (which has less of a stigma among mountain lions but still raises some red flags).

Gray Whale Calf

The baby whale may be hard to see, but trust us, it's adorable
The baby whale may be hard to see, but trust us, it’s adorable

Screen capture courtesy

Over the weekend a baby whale measuring 15-feet (adorable!) was spotted off the coast of Marina del Rey. The little guy briefly beached at Dockweiler State Beach but made it, thankfully, back into the water without any help. The whale was later reportedly seen swimming about ten miles north, which is good, because that’s the direction whales are supposed to swim in this time of year.


Otter Pups

Last but not least, three otter pups have joined the family at the L.A. Zoo. They’re not technically wild, but they sure are adorable.

It’s always encouraging to know that baby animals are out there doing adorable baby animal things. Happy birthday to you, baby animals, and many happy returns!